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Jocelyn Terry "Calling Antarctica"

Jocelyn Terry was the much-loved ABC personality who presented a weekly "Calling Antarctica" segment over Radio Australia every Friday - hence her unoffical title among the men "Girl Friday".  She sent greetings from home and occasionally had family present in the studio. She ran the program for 10 years from 1955.  Attached is an excerpt recorded by Brian Wall at Wilkes on September 2nd 1960.   Here she is 'hamming it up' with Ian MacNamara in the ABC studio, Sydney, April 2005, during a feature by Macca of our Wilkes station reunion.Here's a much younger Jocelyn we think with her husband and an unknown other.  It was sent in by "Scurffy" Shennan (1965) scanned from a print dedicated to "Mrs Mac". Any help with its identification would be appreciated.
Sadly, Jocelyn died on 21 October 2007.  As John 'Snow' Williams wrote in her obituary (Aurora vol 27, #2, December 2007, page 29) "She has a place in our hearts and a name on the maps as the 'Jocelyn Islands' about one and a half miles NNE of Mawson, bear her name.  Jocelyn Terry was and is, a well loved part of ANARE."  Here is an excerpt from the broadcast on the ABC on Sunday April 3, 2005, on Ian MacNamara's program 'Australia all over'.  It is listed as a file 'Wilkes reunion Jocelyn Terry on ABC 3 2005.mp3'  I could not work out any other way to upload it.  It runs for about 4 minutes.  Click on the down arrow on the right hand margin, and you are given the option of downloading to save or just play it.  The audio file above was kindly supplied by Brain Wall, and is a brief recording he made at Wilkes in 1960 of a broadcast by Jocelyn.  Again, click on the down arrow to hear it.

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Wilkes reunion Jocelyn Terry on ABC 3 2005.mp3
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