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Credits and Thanks

This Wilkes history web site is a community project.  Our role is pulling it together, putting it on the web, and making this amazing history as accessible as possible. If you have any connection to Wilkes and are willing to contribute in anyway we'd love to hear from you.   There is a Wilkes mailing list you can join.


We are in debt to the Wilkes old timers, and their families, who have contributed to these pages. We can not thank the ANARE Club enough for support both on this project and in general. We encourage all people who have worked with the Australian Antarctic program to become members of the ANARE Club, and be active in the various activities of the Club.

Bill Burch and Darryn Schneider

Individuals we would like to thank

Wilkes Expeditioners

  • Noel Barrett
  • Alastair Battye
  • Frank Benlein
  • Harry Black
  • Sebastian Borrello
  • Dick Cameron
  • Mike Campbell
  • Graeme Currie
  • David "Dan" Daniel
  • Gil Dewart
  • Albert Gidding
  • John Gillies
  • Steve Grimsley
  • Ron Hann
  • Olav Loken
  • Allen McLaren
  • Geoff Payne
  • Pat Patterson
  • Frank Scaysbrook
  • Donald Seedsman
  • Ken "Scruffy" Shennan
  • Neil Simmons
  • Neville Smethurst
  • Doug Twigg
  • John "Snow" Williams

Other Expeditioners

  • Billy-Ace Baker
  • Scott "Scotty Bob" Smith
  • Bill Spindler

Non Expeditioners

  • Mike Daniel
  • Renee Edman
  • Norma Green
  • Connie Gray Siemen
  • Tom Henderson
  • Andrew Sullivan
  • Martin Walker

Organizations we would like to thank

John Gillies, Doug Twigg

Australian Antarctic Division
Jessica Fitzpatrick
Jonothan Davis, Image Library Coordinator

The National Science Foundation, United States Antarctic Program
Elaine Hood - USAP Photo Library Archivist

National Academy of Sciences
Daniel Barbiero - Manager, Archives and Records

Australia Post
Richard Breckon - Historian, Philatelic Group