Wilkes Station History

These pages are dedicated to all the men who lived and worked at Wilkes.

Any additional material is very important to the story of our station in the "Banana Belt" of Antarctica.  If you have anything, an anecdote, image, or a 'souvenir' you are prepared to eventually hand over to a National Museum of Antarctica, please join the Discussion group and let us know.  Anything appropriate to add to this site will be posted ASAP.

Two links to other websites covering Wilkes (especially for the IGY)

A series of films shot by Dr. Ralph Glasgal  Auroral Scientist for 1957 http://www.antarctican.org/antarctican_society/flash/IGY_1957.cfm. The second is a PDF of a slide show that he put together on the construction and eventual demise of Wilkes which you can view at 


Yearly Stories

Australia takes over Wilkes 7 February 1959. AAD photograph by A.  Campbell-Drury
Australia takes over Wilkes 7 February 1959. Photograph by A. Campbell-Drury courtesy of the AAD
This short video chronicles a visit to Wilkes by Bill Burch in Januay 2008, when he was the ANARE Club representative on voyage 4, the resupply visit to Casey, Davis and Mawson.   The Station Leader at Casey was Bob Jones, and he very kindly set up an overnight trip to Wilkes for 4 of us, three Arts Fellowship Scholars and me, escorted by an experienced guide, Vonna Keller and a Casey Weatherman, Tod Iolowski.

Visit to Wilkes January 2008