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Current News

We've added a new addition to our group, Czar a yellow tiger striped long haired male cat. He also was a rescue and Buddy loves his new little feline brother.  Czar follows his big brother everywhere and both are royally spoiled.

Rob and Teresa have Picked up an 1974 Chevy Fleury motorhome that they will be using on their traveling advertures once its restored. They are currently awaiting the spring thaw before starting on this wild adventure in restoration.
Stay tuned for more on this project.


Weather Update for where we are
Well its down right Freezing, at -40 F or C you have to agree ITS COLDWe have over a foot and a half snow on the ground and buildings.
Makes me think of that old Dean Martin song "Baby it's cold outside"

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Book Updates

         New Book & Online Video Game Coming Soon 

                         Broken Arrow War is going Gaming

           Rob LE & Teresa Sewell have teamed up with JMB Gaming to bring the Broken Arrow War book series to online gaming.   It will be an MMORPG geared towards ages 17 and up.   All your favorite characters and more will be available to be played in the upcoming game thats due to hit the internet by Christmas 2019.  More information will be released as the game progresses in production.

         Also currently in the works by Teresa Sewell & Rob LE, the paranormal western, Western Nights will also be published this Summer in 2019; with Broken Arrow War, Book 2, The Battle; due out Christmas 2019.  Cherokee Viking scheduled for release in 2020. The books will be available in E book & Print via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Ingram Books.

 Broken Arrow War, Book 1, The Beginning 
The book is for sale via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Ingram books.  Autographed copies are available through the owners.
Also you can speak with the owners via their new discord channel : https://discord.gg/aEeNshV

A brief read of the book can be found on its page as well as links to its purchase sites.


Buddy's Blog

HI, I'm Buddy.
This is me pretending to be asleep as I try to figure out whats going in my blog.

        As you might have guessed I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback & Stafford Terrier mix. My human parents, Rob and Teresa, rescued me from the local humane society.
       I'll admit it, I'm spoiled, If I ask for anything at the local Pet Store, or they see something they think I'll like, they get it for me.
      But I work hard, too. You see, I'm their emotional support dog, which they need a lot of as they are writers, that job would make anyone crazy at times.
      If that doesn't try living in an apartment, in a big city, in Canada no less, there is always lots going on, massive amounts of things to see and do. It wears a guy like me out just trying to keep up with it all.

      Recently my humand dad's doctor suggested he get a service dog for his PTSD & Anxiety, so my parents decided I might work to be to be that dog. They called around and located a really nice lady named Billie Groom, that trains service dogs in the area. She agreed to start my training after she came out and evaluated me. It seems some dogs are not as smart as me so do not make good service dogs.
       I admit it was a lot of work doing the training and my dad worked with me constantly helping train me when Billie came and when it was just us. Billie worked with me two days a week for several hours, while dad worked with me all the time. The training was a lot of hard work for both dad and I, but in the end, I graduated. I'm a certified Service dog able to help my dad where and whenever he needs me.
     I have already shown him how well I behave in public.
 I admit when I go to grandmas & grandpas I kinda forget in my happiness to see them a lot of my training, but dad & mom remind me to use my manners like I do in public.  But its Nana & Pawpaw and they always have the best treats, and love to see me. They liked my pretty red vest and said I was getting better at remembering my manners at their house.
Me helping Dad
They keep telling me I'm not a lapdog, but see I fit.

   I wonder if they'll add me to their next book their working on. Maybe I can be the hero, I can save the people from the villians.
"No, that's too much hard work, I think I'll just stick to playing Frisbee, playing tug a war with my squeaky toys or better yet playing with my favorite stick.
Until later,

Hello Everyone, Its me, Buddy the service dog.
My parents and I went on a long road trip around the USA.

Our Trip Part 1
We have met many friendly people and businesses on our trip, a couple asked to see my paperwork as did the nice guy at the border crossing, but my parents had my paperwork and I was always on my best behavior.
Ok, well maybe at the Zoo, I wasn't as well behaved as I should have been but I did my best. Those Chimps attacked me first and all I was doing was looking at them, Those giant storks were funny showing me how big their wings were I had to stand up to be polite. I liked playing Hide N Seek with the tiny monkeys, until they started being rude and sticking out their tongues at me. Anyone would have told them they were rude too, so why was it wrong for me to?
Those first two giant cats dad called jaguars were pretty and did not mind me looking at them but those others dad call a bobcat and a cougar, they were trying to eat me or maybe it was dad and mom, I told them I'd fight to protect my parents and that I was not scared of them. Well, maybe I was a little but with all the people and kids watching I could not show it.
I think the pretty birds Mom called Peacocks thought I was a hero as they started following all over the zoo. I must have been the first dog to stand up to those two cat bullys.
The snow leopard ignored me, but the monkeys Dad called Spider Monkeys came over to say hi and were very friendly.
I can say my first trip to the zoo was a very wild experience and I hope we get to go again.
 I also went to the see the Atlantic ocean with my parents. The water was cold and kept trying to get me wet. I think its alive and thought I needed a bath.  Dad said he has now been to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. He has scars from the Pacific thanks to getting stung by jelly fish.
I kept him safe against the Atlantic as I had his back.

This trip is taking a long time and my parents keep taking me to the strangest places.
We visited another deep dark hole in the ground, they call it a cave. I met two nice young men that led us down into it. I have not figured out why my parents want to visit these places.
I prefer the resturants especially those where the people bring me bowls of water and food treats, not to mention all the attention I get by showing them how smart and well behaved I am. I never touch anything unless dad says its Ok. 
I love meeting the people and especially the kids. Everyone likes when I give them high fives or shake hands.
I hate the long trips in the car, it wears me out. A dog can only watch his parents drive for only so long before he is exhausted and looks forward to a nice big soft bed to stretch out on, even if he must share it with his parents.
I'll be so glad to get back home and see Nana & Papa, hope they remember to get my favorite treats for when I get home.

Service Dog Trainers
DogLogic Behavioral Rehabilitation
Billie Groom
Address: Regina, SK
Phone: (306) 515-2787
Province: Saskatchewan