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Current News
Our Trip part 2
     From Virginia we headed back to Tennessee, this time towards Nashville where we stayed at the Courtyard Nashville Mount Juliet at 1980 Providence Parkway, Mount Juliet, Tennessee.
When had a wonderful suite and everyone was wonderful, when we went to get supper at their onsite resturant / bar (The Bistro) the cook had left for his break. 
     The bartender was so wonderful, he recommended a local burger place close by, then he went and got us a menu, took our order and  picked up our order for us, while we sat enjoying our drinks after the long drive. 
     The resturant called Burger Republic is an incredible place to eat, ther burgers are hand made from angus beef and are huge. http://burgerrepublic.com/traditional-menu/
I had the Tennesse Burger and Rob had the Taste of the South Burger, both were huge, very juicy and well worth the price. 

     After leaving Mount Juliet we picked up Johnny and started our journey towards St. Louis, Missouri.
    We passed and stopped at several beautifully done rest stops including this one in Tennessee.

       Along the way we saw a sign for Patti's 1880 Settler's Village and decided to stop.  Patti's 1880’s Settlement is a recreated historical log cabin village tucked into the natural beauty of West Kentucky. It is located in Grand Rivers, Kentucky and is a great place to visit.


       From there we headed to St. Louis, Missouri catching the historical arch of the city just as evening was approaching and rush hour traffic was in full swing, so only got a picture of it from the car as we passed on our was to the Marriot hotel we were to stay at. Again the suite was incredible with a full kitchen in it great for our extended stay. 

      While close we visited my son, Jamie and his family; as well as my daughter, Misty and her family. 

       On the way to Illinois to visit my daughter in Illinois we noticed a sign pointing out Mark Twain's hometown and Mark Twain's Cave. We decided to stop and explore the cave, it was great and our tour guides were excellent.

       From here we traveled towards Sioux Falls, South Dakota and dropped of Johnny and arrived at our hotel just as a big snow storm hit. As everyplace we had to go was next door to the hotel we walked.  The next day was better and we even got time later that night to visit the Sioux Falls Park at dusk to see the falls.  They were partically frozen and it was icy and cold but we were determined and took a picture of the falls, the lookout and the Ag exhibition building.
     From South Dakota we headed toward the border and home to Canada for a much needed rest after our long trip. 

Previous News
Our Trip  part 1

Rob & Buddy at Ruby Fall's in Chattanooga, TN

Rob, Buddy & Tera's USA Road Trip

    We started our road trip by crossing into the US in Estevan and headed to Duluth, Minnesota. We had a great experience there both at the Best Western Motel in Spirit Mountain.  We visited the dog park and various places in and round town, it snowed while we were there and the marina was completely frozen solid.
    From Duluth we headed to Iowa and then to Kansas City. We ate at both Dairy Queen in Iowa and Denny's in Kansas both were very friendly towards buddy even bringing him a dish of water. We stay at a Best Western and they accommodated us so that we were close to an exit near a grassed area for Buddy.
     Our next stop was in Oklahoma where we took Buddy to his first cattle sale which was quite an experience, Buddy sat watching the cows and only responded a couple of times when the cows were bawling. Everyone was surprised at how well he behaved.  He also met his first horse,, cows and cats at my sister's farm. He was soon following her and her husband around as well as playing with their three dogs. Buddy was soon in love with his first girlfriends.
     We headed to Dallas, Texas next which was quite experience. One Rob and I both hope not to ever do again. The people at Barnes & Nobles were nice and friendly, but the traffic was a nightmare. We met some great people at Big Daddy's BBQ, the Ribs and Brisket was incredible. Buddy loved the rib bones. The America's Quality Inn was a great place to stay.
    We set out for Mississippi just as the winter storm hit, the rain was so bad we could barely see the road as we traveled through Louisianna. It was so bad we could not see the Mississippi River as we crossed the bridge. Mississippi was a great place the people friendly and helpful.
     Our next stop was Chattanooga, Tennesse, where we met more great people, and we visited the Ruby Falls and Chattanooga Zoo while there.
    Buddy was a favorite of the others in our party at Ruby Falls and even those running the attraction made friends with him repeatedly giving him dog biscuits and pets.
     We took several photos in the cavern of the impressive sights we saw at the falls. After the falls we visited the zoo which was a wild experience.  Buddy saw several animals and birds, unfortunately the chimps, bobcat and cougar hated Buddy. The peacocks followed him everywhere. The other monkeys and the cranes stared at Buddy as much as he did them. The little lemurs were so funny sticking their tongue out at him. The roadrunner hopped up on a log to watch him. I'm not sure who enjoyed our visit more Buddy or the Zoo animals.
    Our next stop on our trip was Fredricksburg & Bowling Green, Va. to spend time with a couple of our best friends. Buddy meet his new girlfriend another stafford terrier rescue like himself they were soon inseparable.

   In Virginia we visited the Battleground Museum, Historic Downtown Fredricksburg and Lee's Hill Drive. Where we saw a lot of great exhibits, buildings and sights where several battles took place.

      We also saw the birthplace of James Madison, Belle Grove Plantation, in King George, Va

     We will update our blog at our next location and share more pictures and details on our trip.

       Please email us at:  friendsnneighbors.info@yahoo.com  or visit our discord channel at: https://discord.gg/JhetSgu         We'd love to hear from you.

Book Updates

Rob LE & Teresa Sewell are happy to annouce that the long struggle to regain complete ownership rights to their book; Broken Arrow War, Book 1, The Beginning;  has finally been accomplished.
The book is now for sale via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Ingram books.  Autographed copies are available through the owners.
Also you can speak with the owners via their new discord channel : https://discord.gg/aEeNshV

A brief read of the book can be found on its page as well as links to its purchase sites.


Buddy's Blog

HI, I'm Buddy.
This is me pretending to be asleep as I try to figure out whats going in my blog.

        As you might have guessed I'm a Stafford Terrier mix. My human parents, Rob and Teresa, rescued me from the local humane society.
       I'll admit it, I'm spoiled, If I ask for anything at the local Pet Store, or they see something they think I'll like, they get it for me.
      But I work hard, too. You see, I'm their emotional support dog, which they need a lot of as they are writers, that job would make anyone crazy at times.
      If that doesn't try living in an apartment, in a big city, in Canada no less, there is always lots going on, massive amounts of things to see and do. It wears a guy like me out just trying to keep up with it all.

      Recently my humand dad's doctor suggested he get a service dog for his PTSD & Anxiety, so my parents decided I might work to be to be that dog. They called around and located a really nice lady named Billie Groom, that trains service dogs in the area. She agreed to start my training after she came out and evaluated me. It seems some dogs are not as smart as me so do not make good service dogs.
       I admit it was a lot of work doing the training and my dad worked with me constantly helping train me when Billie came and when it was just us. Billie worked with me two days a week for several hours, while dad worked with me all the time. The training was a lot of hard work for both dad and I, but in the end, I graduated. I'm a certified Service dog able to help my dad where and whenever he needs me.
     I have already shown him how well I behave in public.
 I admit when I go to grandmas & grandpas I kinda forget in my happiness to see them a lot of my training, but dad & mom remind me to use my manners like I do in public.  But its Nana & Pawpaw and they always have the best treats, and love to see me. They liked my pretty red vest and said I was getting better at remembering my manners at their house.
Me helping Dad
They keep telling me I'm not a lapdog, but see I fit.

   I wonder if they'll add me to their next book their working on. Maybe I can be the hero, I can save the people from the villians.
"No, that's too much hard work, I think I'll just stick to playing Frisbee, playing tug a war with my squeaky toys or better yet playing with my favorite stick.
Until later,

Latest News

Hello Everyone, Its me, Buddy the service dog.
My parents and I are on a long road trip around the USA.

Our Trip part 2
This trip is taking a long time and my parents keep taking me to the strangest places.
We visited another deep dark hole in the ground, they call it a cave. I met two nice young men that led us down into it. I have not figured out why my parents want to visit these places.
I prefer the resturants especially those where the people bring me bowls of water and food treats, not to mention all the attention I get by showing them how smart and well behaved I am. I never touch anything unless dad says its Ok. 
I love meeting the people and especially the kids. Everyone likes when I give them high fives or shake hands.
I hate the long trips in the car, it wears me out. A dog can only watch his parents drive for only so long before he is exhausted and looks forward to a nice big soft bed to stretch out on, even if he must share it with his parents.
I'll be so glad to get back home and see Nana & Papa, hope they remember to get my favorite treats for when I get home.

Our Trip Part 1
We have met many friendly people and businesses on our trip, a couple asked to see my paperwork as did the nice guy at the border crossing, but my parents had my paperwork and I was always on my best behavior.
Ok, well maybe at the Zoo, I wasn't as well behaved as I should have been but I did my best. Those Chimps attacked me first and all I was doing was looking at them, Those giant storks were funny showing me how big their wings were I had to stand up to be polite. I liked playing Hide N Seek with the tiny monkeys, until they started being rude and sticking out their tongues at me. Anyone would have told them they were rude too, so why was it wrong for me to?
Those first two giant cats dad called jaguars were pretty and did not mind me looking at them but those others dad call a bobcat and a cougar, they were trying to eat me or maybe it was dad and mom, I told them I'd fight to protect my parents and that I was not scared of them. Well, maybe I was a little but with all the people and kids watching I could not show it.
I think the pretty birds Mom called Peacocks thought I was a hero as they started following all over the zoo. I must have been the first dog to stand up to those two cat bullys.
The snow leopard ignored me, but the monkeys Dad called Spider Monkeys came over to say hi and were very friendly.
I can say my first trip to the zoo was a very wild experience and I hope we get to go again.
 I also went to the see the Atlantic ocean with my parents. The water was cold and kept trying to get me wet. I think its alive and thought I needed a bath.  Dad said he has now been to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. He has scars from the Pacific thanks to getting stung by jelly fish.
I kept him safe against the Atlantic as I had his back.

Service Dog Trainers
DogLogic Behavioral Rehabilitation
Billie Groom
Address: Regina, SK
Phone: (306) 515-2787
Province: Saskatchewan