WB Duathlon-Run Course Map

WB Duathlon-Run Course Description

First run
1. Start on Public Square
2. West on Market St. and cross Market St. Bridge
3. At end of bridge, bear left downhill on blacktop walk toward pond
4. Bear left at T intersection onto blacktop walk
5. Bear left just before tennis courts onto dirt
6. Bear right uphill onto pavement behind tennis courts
7. Acute left onto top of paved dike
8. Bear right downhill to pass under Market St. Bridge
9. Bear right under bridge onto dirt road (potholes!!!)
10. Bear left on dirt road parallel to river toward Pierce St. Bridge
11. Bear left just before Pierce St. Bridge and back onto paved walk
12. Continue across top of dike and back down under Market St. Bridge
13. At top of uphill, acute right then downhill to bridge
14. Bear right onto bridge
15. Cross bridge and enter transition area back in Public Square..

Second Run
1. From transition area (Public Square)
2. Follow directions 2 through 14 above.
3. At east end of Market St. Bridge, continue straight on Market St. toward Public Square finish area.

WB Duathlon-Bike Course Map

WB Duathlon-Bike Course Description

(All roads are open to traffic)

1. Start at transition area (Public Square)
2. Head South on S. Main and continue straight. Use caution at many side streets.
3. CAUTION: at S. Main/Pennsylvania Blvd./Parrish St. intersection there is a railroad crossing. Cross carefully. Busy intersection.
4. Straight uphill through light at S. Main/Blackman intersection. Use caution!
5. Continue on S. Main (rolling hills and churches) until road becomes Middle Rd. (Landmark St. Mary’s Cemetery at traffic light). Good shoulder.
6. Watch for traffic on right at Wyoming Valley Country Club (downhill)
7. Turn left at traffic light onto New Commerce Blvd in Hanover Industrial Park (light traffic and good shoulders).
8. After crest of hill, turn right onto Lasley St.
9. At bottom of hill, turn right onto Robinson and continue behind Sallie Mae building.
10. At stop sign, turn right onto Lasley again. CAUTION: railroad crossing in 2/10ths mile.
11. At stop, turn right onto New Commerce Blvd (downhill note next instruction)
12. At stop (landmark - Keyco), turn right. CAUTION: railroad crossing at stop.
13. Continue under overpass, uphill past State Police Driver Exam Center, downhill past truck entrance to Sears Distribution Center and TURN AROUND near employee entrance of distribution center (3 lanes-wide).
14. Return same as above and turn left onto New Commerce (landmark Keyco). CAUTION: railroad crossing at turn.
15. Continue uphill and turn right onto Stewart Rd. CAUTION: railroad crossing just before uphill turn.)
16. At stop, turn right onto New Commerce and continue downhill to traffic light.
17. At light, turn right onto Middle Rd. (good shoulder) and continue toward St. Mary’s Cemetery.
18. At light by cemetery, continue straight onto S. Main. CAUTION: narrow, no shoulder for next 1.5 miles).
19. Use caution at S. Main/Blackman intersection (downhill, busy, churches)
20. CAUTION: fast downhill and railroad crossing at S. Main/Pa. Blvd intersection.
21. Continue on S. Main toward Public Square and return to transition area.