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8-Leg Education

8-Leg Education aims to improve science literacy through education. Through fun and engaging activities focused on spiders, we hope to turn future arachnophobes into arachnophiles one child at a time.

Science Activities for K-8 Classrooms 

I am passionate about public outreach and science education. The activities below are available free of charge to any and all educators for use in classrooms, outreach activities, workshops, or any other educational event with children. 

Spider Biology, Ecology & Conservation Activities

Environmental Activities - Each of these activities was developed with Environmental Stewardship majors in my Stewardship Seminar class (NS375) at McPherson College.

 The spider-related activities were developed with funding through the Chickadee Checkoff small grants program from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism.
If you use any of these activities, all I ask is that you acknowledge the authors of that activity and email me (wilgersd@mcpherson.edu) to let me know so I can keep track of how many educators and students are benefitting from this service.

8-Leg Education Facebook Page
I will continually be adding more science education activities to this website. If you would like to know when additional activities are available and when educational events (see below) are happening in your area, please like my 8-Leg Education Facebook page found at the following link 

Community Spider Night Walks

What has 8 legs, 8 eyes and is one of the more important invertebrate predators of our prairie ecosystem? SPIDERS! These interesting creatures play an extremely valuable role in this ecosystem. My spider night walks engage communities all around Kansas with these eight-legged gems through a hands-on program, followed by a walk through various habitats searching for one particular spider, wolf spiders. Participants learn about spider biology, including some of the adaptations that allow these creatures to be so active at night, along with their importance to our ecosystem and why to conserve them. Participants will have the chance to interact with various live spiders and will also learn how to find and catch wolf spiders using the eye-shine method. This program is fun for people of all ages. I encourage anyone and everyone to attend, learn about spiders, and begin breaking down any arachnophobia that you may have.  

Scheduled Kansas Spider Events
June 8&9, 2018      Manhattan (Flint Hills                                             Discovery Center)
July 6, 2018            Topeka (Topeka Zoo/Gage 
July 7, 2018            Kansas City (Lakeside Nature 
August 11, 2018     Cheney (Cheney State Park)
August 18, 2018     Wichita (Great Plains Nature 
                               Center) ** 8-Leg Adventure 
                               Exhibit during day and spider 
                               walk at night

If you are interested in me holding a spider night walk in your hometown, please contact me via email (wilgersd@mcpherson.edu). Currently, these programs are funded by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism through their Chickadee Checkoff small grant program.

Dustin Wilgers,
Jul 27, 2016, 12:29 PM