Activity Two

Children of the Holocaust: Who Was I?                                                                                                                        


Interesting and creative resources for the poster:

 Create a newspaper clipping

 Create a magazine cover

Create a postcard

Below is a list of children who perished during the Holocaust. You will choose a child, read about that child, and create a memorial poster them as a group. You will use a poster board and be creative as possible. You can also do am electronic poster or memorial. You may use any crafting materials such as paint, markers, fabric, magazine cutouts, etc. You will need to make sure your poster/presentation corresponds to what you learned about the child. factors to consider: age, likes, hobbies and family. Imagine what the child may have grown up to be based on what they enjoyed during their short life.

1. Click below to find a child.
         Who was I?
2. Before beginning poster board, complete the Biography Page. This page will be attached to the back of your poster board and will serve as an outline for a narrative that will be included on the board. You will submit the biography page for feedback.
3. Review Rubric
4. Complete Poster according to Rubric and feedback from Bio Page.

Resources for you:

Important Vocabulary

Click below to see how you will be evaluated and include all requirements.
Rubric  for poster project.

Example of an interactive poster board of Anne Frank.

Writing map

Submit Biography Page under the appropriate heading below.

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