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Me Myself and I         Birchcroft
oil on canvas             oil on canvas
me and warhol
Wilf and Warhol, Beaubourg Museum, Paris 1986

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William Frost, also known as “Wilf” has lived and worked in London all his life.

 He is a seasoned veteran of the urban art movement and continues to reinvent his work as his views and the world changes.

 His vibrant figurative compositions have intriguing narrative themes with fresh and vigorous responses to today’s urban environment.

 In his paintings he creates an urban idyll; spaces to think, cities filled with butterflies, figures which fuse and morph together with each work portraying a sense of peace and unity.

 His unique work often utilises unconventional materials. His latest mixed-media works are a combination of house paint, spray paint, oil beads and collage, to name but a few.

 He has absorbed the influences of Schiele, Basquiet and Klimpt  and the essence of his work is about love, childhood imagination and music.