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About Us

Welcome to the IMA Wild West Council!  Our Council comprises eleven chapters in the Southwest, including Arizona, Southern California, Southern Nevada, and Utah. We hold quarterly meetings in different areas of the region, and our meetings and other events are open to all IMA members, prospective members and guests.   Our quarterly events include CPE, the Wild West Council meeting, and social/networking events.   Our CPE events provide an affordable way for members to earn their required hours, and we provide knowledgeable speakers to help increase members’ knowledge in the areas of accounting and finance.  Our meetings include an update on IMA Global events as well as discussions on chapter events, student activities and scholarships, and other activities promoted by the Wild West Council.  Our Social events provide a way to make IMA friends from other areas within the Council and an opportunity for Chapter and Council Leaders to exchange ideas and to improve the value we all provide to our IMA members. 

The Wild West Council’s Mission 

The mission of the WWC is to promote and facilitate cooperation and communication between the Institute of Management Accountants (“IMA Global”) and the chapters in the WWC region. The Council provides support, assistance and value to the council chapters while upholding the purposes, objectives, and goals of IMA Global.  The Council also provides assistance and support for student chapters and for new or re-established chapters in the Council area.

Strategic Goals of the Wild West Council

The strategic objective of the WWC is to provide value to the Chapters and at-large members in our area through:

• Leadership opportunities, 

• CPE sessions, 

• Communication and coordination through council meetings, and 

• Opportunities for networking and social interactions.  

Another important strategic goal of the council is to promote the CMA certification and to support and provide information to students on IMA, the CMA certification, and management accounting careers.  

Introducing the Wild West Council’s Virtual Workplace

The WWC’s Virtual Workplace is an electronic place to share, communicate, meet on-line, store, showcase, network, educate and even socialize. It consists of seven distinct virtual areas in the spirit of IMA's Global strategic objective  to master technology that directly impacts IMA members and our value proposition.:

The Virtual Office:  Utilizing a Google Drive to share our annual plan in an Excel worksheet, the board can refer to the plan to find out contact information, calendar dates, and upcoming meeting planning details.  Google Drive keeps track of who is updating the file, so when two people are in the file at the same time, the first one in the file can edit, while the second one in the file can only view until the first one is done.  In other words, Google Drive does not have “conflicted files”, as can be the case in Dropbox.  The downside of Google Drive is that you have to have a Gmail address to use it.  For those who don’t have a Gmail account, it means you need to create one, but remember you don’t need to use that email account, you just need it to gain access to the Google Drive.  So in the virtual world, the WWC Google Drive is the virtual brick and mortar office in the cloud.  

The Virtual Board Room: We use Adobe Connect as our board room, meeting remotely as needed and sharing documents as we conduct council planning.  We also host our CMA Exam Review Course (co execute with IMA AZ Valley of the Sun Chapter), CPE sessions and board meetings in our Adobe Connect board room.  Powerful.  Convenient. Reliable. Affordable. Functional.  Just some of the words that describe the Virtual Board Room.

The Virtual File Cabinet: The WWC Dropbox is our Virtual File Cabinet – storing the documents we use/used to throughout the year including the President’s Letter, the Meeting Agenda, the CPE template, and so on.

The Virtual Showroom: Our Google Site, www.wildwestcouncil.com  is our Virtual Showroom. This is where we update our home page (also known as the store front), CMA exam review information, board information, and volunteer opportunities, to name a few.  We also have our newsletters stored here (see the Important Links page).  

The Virtual Mailbox:  This is our new email tool, www.GetResponse.com .  We use it to email our meeting reminders, newsletters, volunteer opportunities and CMA Exam Review Class information.  

The Virtual Press:  Our newsletter, The Pony Express is our press.  Our newsletter is posted to our website (Virtual Showroom), and sent out via our email mechanism (Virtual Mailbox).  We do break from our electronic virtual world by printing to paper form for distribution at our WWC meetings or work offices, but we look to keep hard copies to a minimum.

The Virtual Water Fountain:  Our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts act as our Virtual Water Fountain.  It is at the water fountain, where we share what we did last weekend, an upcoming announcement or if we have a cold…Achoo! 

We could use your help!  

The Wild West Council Officers and Board Members have typically been leaders of their own Chapters or have served in some capacity with IMA at the National or Global Level.  The Council provides a way for Chapter Leaders to continue their leadership development, become more actively involved with IMA and give back to our profession.  

If you are interested in volunteering for our WWC board and working in our virtual world, check out our Volunteer page.  We will welcome you with many virtual arms, until our next meeting, and then we will embrace you!  We are an enthusiastic WWC Team!  Why not catch the spirit!