Wild Water Data

"It's the Water" 

The trademarked catch phrase of Olympia Brewing (then of Tumwater, WA) actually understates the importance of the primary ingredient of craft beer.  Craft beer brewers understand that as 95% of the finished product, it's ALL about the water:  availability (now and in the future), purity, total hardness, and cost.  

In an era when municipal water sources everywhere are increasingly stressed by contaminant assault from urban/industrial terra-forming/pollution, suburban sprawl, and corporate farming operations - or - are drying up as a consequence of burgeoning demand and/or climate change, we are blessed here in the Adirondacks, with a 'treasure' of 'Blue Gold'; an abundance of pure, super-soft, inexpensive, constitutionally-protected, 'forever wild' water.  

More than Nine TRILLION Gal/Yr of this 'Blue Gold' flows out of five major watersheds of the Adirondacks (Hudson, Mohawk, Oswagatchie-Black, St. Lawrence, & Champlain) every year from sources like Ticonderoga's Gooseneck Pond of the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness.

Ticonderoga, NY Annual Water Report 2010  2009  2008   * Note: The properties available for siting craft bewing facilities within the 'Four Corners' Empire Zones of Ticonderoga, receive their water from Gooseneck Pond listed as (GP) in the water quality reports while the balance of the town gets their wter from Lake Geoge.

Care to Compare?  

Of course, you're curious. To compare your water to our 'Blue Gold', you can access your CCR (Customer Confidence Report) at the EPA site(If your municipality isn't listed on the EPA site, just google your city/county .gov site).  There are only a few municipalities that even come close to the having the quality & softness of our constitutionally protected, forever wild Blue gold: the Bull Run Watershed in Portland, OR & the Bridge Creek Watershed (pdf) in Bend, OR, are similar in quality to our Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Watershed and not surprisingly, the source of some of the best craft beer produced in the United States / the World.

Order a Detailed Water Screening and/or Resource Listing

ADKBREWCO is affiliated with an EPA credentialed water testing facility that will provide accurate, affordable testing datum using only approved US EPA methods on equipment designed to provide accurate results.  We are currently conducting water testing of water sources on private properties and S & L jurisdiction for cataloging purposes for the consideration of potential craft brewing entities. 

Call to get your water tested/site listed: 518.893.1420 or email: 'water test' in subject to beerhere2010@gmail.com for more info.

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