Wild Water Allies

"Many hands make light work."    John Heywood 1497- 1580 

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What follows is a growing list of advocates of, and/or, potential strategic partners for, the AKDBREWCO vision for transformational change in the Adirondacks via craft brewing who stand ready to lend their 'many hands' (and considerable professional expertise) to help translate that vision into a reality where thousands of jobs are created, the viability of family farms are renewed, local economies are energized/revitalized, and Adirondack 'craft beer' tourism flourishes adding to the 8+ million visitors a year that already visit the 'Dacks'.

  1. The Regenesis Group / Integrative Design Collaborative > William Reed, AIA, LEED
  2. The AD Workshop / Inphorm > The Evolution of Adworkshop > Adele & Tom Connors, Founders & Principals
  3. C & S Companies > Tim Hughes, PE, GBE, LEED, CEM
  4. Alpine Hops > Hirendu Vaishnav, President/CEO | 510-708-9777
  5. Ecosystem Captial, LLC > Jay Truty, Founder & CEO
  6. Stonebrook Properties, LLC > Eli Schwartzberg, Principal & Developer
  7. Brannock Properties, LLC  > Terry Brannock, Broker, GRI
  8. Brewery Finance Corp. > Rick Wehner, Founder, President
  9. Block, Colucci, Spellman & Peller, LLP > Joel Peller, Managing Partner
  10. Pro Engineering & MFG inc > Ed Michalski, CEO
  11. Brewing Consulting Services > David Kapral, Owner
  12. Specialty Food & Beverage Division - Craft Beer & Distillation Coverage  518.281.7338 (C) Tom Wallace, JR, President  twallacejr@specialtyfoodbeverage.com
  13. Rainmaker Network Services > Fred Englemann
  14. Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC - Robert C. Lehrman, Attorney
  15. BrauFrau, Inc - Julie Baggett Consulting and recipe formulation for microbreweries and brewpubs
  16. Trans-Border Global Freight Systems, Inc - Jeffrey M. Millens, Executive VP
  17. Lonesome Oak Business Consulting - Jim Herter - essential services to restaurants and small businesses
  18. WWW.Laughlinusa.com Adam Young  Director Affiliate Programs  800-648-0966 x241 Adamyoung@laughlinusa.com
  19. Fox Microbrewery Solutions - Jason Fox - waste water treatment systems design for microbreweries
  20. Green Stone Heat -  John Chavez  World-Class Soapstone Masonry Heating Systems
  21. Dr. James Swan LTD BSc., PhD., C.Chem., F.R.S.C., Provides consultancy world-wide on alcoholic drinks quality -- Lourdes Peláez PA to Dr James Swan  lourdespelaez@ymail.com
  22. IDD Process & Packaging, Inc - Jeff Gunn, President & CEO - "Where IDDEAS Become Reality" 
  23. Regulation D Resources - Doug Ruark, Principal - capitalizing your vision 970-484-1109 Ext. 112   druark@regdresources.com
  24. Brew-Magic < Sabco > Kegs.com - Bob & Dan Sulier - "Confession: we're gluttons for better beer"
  25. Adirondack Organic Grains LLC - Clayton Wrisley, Grower  Cwrisley@adkorganicgrains.com
  26. Saratoga Human Resources Solutions - Jim Marco - Customized HR Solutions  518-429-0308
  27. Brewery Wastewater Design - John Mercer - "Helping brewers solve their wastewater problems"
  28. MicroBrewr - Joe Shelerud - 'helping craft brewers learn and master the business side of brewing'
  29. PubGearUSAJack Greene - Owner -  'promoting brewery & distillery craftsmen' - Office - 978 356-7264 / jgreen391@yahoo.com
  30. EcoGrowlerNathan Andreatta - CEO - The Growler. Evolved.  - 916 203-1564 nathan@moziecarma.com
  31. ecoREAL Solutions - Summer Gorder - President - summer@ecorealsolutions.com -sustainable solutions that maximize long-term benefits - 503.303.8367
  32. Brew Edge Software - Dan Hicks  - Daniel@ttbtamer.com  303.332.8555 | Fed reporting done in minutes...not days!
  33. USA Corporate Services, Inc.  John Gordon, President   212-239-5050   john.gordon@usa-corporate.com
  34. NG Advantage LLC   David Lavoie, Director of Business Development   617.848.9050   dlavoie@ngadvantage.com 

We welcome these 'allies' ** and look forward to collaborating and/or partnering w/them to bring clean, blue-green, sustainable family-wage jobs, incremental tourism and capital 'Back to the Dacks'! 

Liability and Endorsement Disclaimer

** Absent a strategic partnership agreement explicitly doing so, ADKBREWCO does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services, or vice versa. The information on the this web site may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.