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Post date: Jan 15, 2021 5:35:57 PM

Wild River Snowmobile Club Trail #5 Re-route Information

A portion of the WRSC Trail #5 was recently closed due to snowmobilers going off the marked trail. Without this section of trail, snowmobilers lose the ability to travel an East/West route in this area, blocking a way to traverse the WRSC trail system in a contiguous loop. Over the last several months, many volunteer club members have spent numerous weekends and hundreds of man-hours working with local land owners to gain new permissions and establishing a re-route for this critical section of the trail. This section of trail is now complete and signed.

As you ride this new trail section and the rest of the WRSC trail system, keep in mind that a majority of the property is held by private landowners, and it is through their generosity that we’re allowed to establish the trails. In order to retain these trails, it is vital that ALL snowmobilers obey the signs and STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL. Without your cooperation we will lose the privilege to have these trails. Furthermore, the WRSC has established a working relationship with local law enforcement who actively patrol the trails and issue trespassing citations to the offenders.

The WRSC volunteers appreciates the generosity of the landowners as well as the snowmobilers who enjoy our trail system. Please respect private property by following the signed trail. We hope you enjoy our trail system, ride safe, and have a great winter season!

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