The living willow dome

The living willow dome was designed by architect Jim Ross and built by Wild Place, Your Space staff supported by over 50 volunteers between March - June 2012. 

Benefits for wildlife

The structure is made from a native deciduous shrub, or small tree, called Goat Willow and all the willow used for the structure was taken from the WaterWorks Nature Reserve filter beds. The flowers of Goat Willow, known as catkins, are full of nectar and pollen, which provides food fobumblebees and honey bees during the spring.  Birds will also use the structure as a safe refuge away from predators.
Construction of the living willow dome began with an outreach activity organised with the Waltham Forest Asian Mothers Group as part of an International Women’s Day celebration event on 10th March 2012. 
  • Citi Group 
  • The Challenge Network 
  • Special thanks to the following people: 
  • Jean Lambert - Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London MEP 
  • Lee Valley Regional Park Authority South Ranger team