City and guilds gardening courses

Wild Place, Your Space delivered three 10-week City and Guilds level 1 horticulture course
in partnership with Capel Manor College in Enfield over 3 years.   The free courses involved 30 students between the ages of 16 - 40 years old with over 85% of students achieving a level 1 qualification in hortulture skills.
Students were given the chance to
  • learn in a friendly and relaxing environment and build confidence 
  • discover more about plants and grow plants from seed and cuttings
  • find out about the benefits of wildlife friendly gardening
  • develop practical skills  
Participants were able to
  • prepare ground for sowing and planting
  • create and use mulch and compost
  • grow flowers and plants from seed
  • learn how to garden for wildlife
  • pH test soil and find out about soil types
  • plant up tubs and hanging baskets
  • identify common weeds and trees
  • clean and maintain tools
  • prune and take cuttings