Wild Mountain Farms

Because when the mountains are while, the horse shouldn't be.

For almost a decade, we at Wild Mountain Farms, have raised some of the finest Rocky Mountain Horses in the country. In 2016 we closed the business down and took our lives in a different direction. 

While we have sold many of our original horses, we've kept a special few to be our own, and occasionally still raise a baby or two simply for the love of doing so. Any horses we presently have for sale will be listed here. 

The rest of this site will be dedicated to education and information about the Rocky Mountain Horse and updates on the continuing adventures of our lives.

Summer 2016:
  • Cousin Ben at the ranch
  • Firedancing
  • Aud builds
  • Fabienne - Gman finds his soul mate
  • Horse packing Adventures
  • Christie Sleeps
  • Andy McConnell Flies In
  • Kal Finds a Foster Home
  • The Cabin gets Lights
  • Girls on Horses
  • The Shannons Storm In
  • Lucy and Ella Take on The Ranch
  • Barn Door Theater Opens at Wild Mountain Farms!