Hearth & Home

To Order - Until I get a better checkout system, please make note of what you want and send it to me in an email to WildMoonCottage@gmail.com   I will confirm your order and discuss any details with you from there.  I use Paypal and have a longtime verified business account.

Organic Herbals & Handcrafted Goods

Wild Moon Cottage is a small, working, organic homestead in the pristine Ozark Mountains. We have dairy goats, poultry, pigs, horses, sheep, dogs and cats. Organic herb and vegetable gardens and an abundant love and respect for life. I practice both old fashioned conventional gardening and permaculture. I grow and ethically wildcraft. 
I am an advocate of the older and simpler ways. I do laundry by hand, cook and bake from scratch and make much of what we need myself.
Our homestead strives to offer others the same natural goodness and handmade wholesomeness we expect for ourselves. Nothing fancy, no thrills or frills, just honest, down to earth goods.
I have over 25 years experience as an herbalist and natural healer.
Some of what we offer ... organic herbs, salves, balms, tinctures, homemade vinegars, herbal lye soaps, handmade candles, homespun bags, aprons, pillows, folk art, fresh milk & eggs, mead, extracts, bread, granola, skirts, pants, simple leather shoes, plants, seeds  and so much more. The inventory will change and reflect the seasons and what we have on hand. 

We mainly sell locally in Ozark and Douglas Counties in Missouri but shipping is available on some things that can be shipped easily and legally. We also regularly Trade & Barter, see our Trade & Barter wish list for things we're looking for or email me with what you have to offer.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me at WildMoonCottage@gmail.com