Women Design Leaders / Seattle

Wednesday August 12 5:30pm- happy hour at MG2 (1101 2nd Ave. #100, Seattle)
Women in Design Studies & Next Steps
Betsy Anderson (UW MLA 2014), 
Emily Darling (UW MArch candidate), Sophie Glass (UW MUP 2014), Julie Kriegh (UW MArch 1986, BE PhD candidate), YsaBella Licciardi (UW BAArch 2014), Hillary Pritchett (current UW MLA/MArch student), & other current/recent students in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design & planning, & engineering will share their experiences in learning at school & at work.
With thanks to MG2 for hosting the gathering.

The Y list
(to date, ongoing/40 maximum):  *Betsy Anderson, Madeleine Black, Marlo Brown, *Emily Darling, *Sophie Glass, *Julie Kriegh, *YsaBella Licciardi, *Hillary Pritchett, Antonia Rath, Marga Rose Hancock, Roma Shah, Valerie Thiel, Rebecca Thompson, Sara Vernia, Ivy Wang, Carla Weinheimer, Queena Yi

September 2015 (tba, details forthcoming)
Woodlake Park Zoo Bayan Wilds recently-opened Tiger, Sloth Bear, Asian Otter and Aviary exhibit, with Becca HansonMonica Lake, & other women engaged in the project

STATISTICS on women architects, landscape architects, & engineers in WA (January 2015):
According to the WA Department of Licensing, women currently number 1,167 = 17% of licensed architects in the state; 288 = 34% of landscape architects; 2,737 = 11% of engineers.

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