Women Design Leaders / Seattle

Thursday December 8, 5:30pm-   Women Who Leave Design / Pathways from Architecture
Conversation over buffet supper at
 Sweetgrass Food Co. (1923 7th Ave., Seattle) @ $10 (beer & wine available). 
Please bring cash or check to reimburse Marga on site.

Abigail Crossen, Jill MorelliJennifer Paris& Lynn Perkins will share stories of their professional paths that take them outside the bounds of traditional design careers.
The Y list (to date, ongoing):  Megan Addison, Maryam Alaeddini, Tara Augustad, Sarah Bragdon, Lois Jean Broadway, Chris Craven, *Abigail Crossen, Marijana Cvenček, Nikki Demers-Changelo, Rosa Folla, Deb Guenther, Kelly Holman, Cheryl Jacobs, Lisa Johnson, Bridget Josef, Michelle Kang, Amy Klet, Carrie Koenig, Monica Lake, Monica Le, Lisa Lindburg, Cierra Mantz, Carmen McCafferty, Margaret Menter, *Jill Morelli, Sheri Newbold, Emma Nowinski, *Jennifer Paris, *Lynn Perkins, Kathy Justice Pittman, Lauren Rock, Teresa Rodriguez, Laura Rose, Marga Rose Hancock, Colleen Schmidt, Roma Shah, Maria Smith, Lori Tang, Taine Wilton, Ruri Yampolsky

October 31, 2016 Wanda Lau, Architect Magazine:  "Equity by Design Releases Early Findings From Its 2016 Equity in Architecture Survey:  [T]he largest U.S. study on the topic of equity and talent retention in architecture ... show[s] an underrepresentation of women and minorities in leadership roles and a clear gender pay gap regardless of one’s experience and title."
2014:  Maria Smith, Architectural Review:  "Why Do Women Really Leave Architecture?"

STATISTICS on women architects, landscape architects, & engineers in WA (July 2016, according to the WA Department of Licensing): 
Architects:  1,089 women = 17%; Landscape Architects:  380 women = 34%; Engineers:  2,724 women = 9.6%

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