Women Design Leaders / Seattle

Thursday June 4, 2015 5:30pm- at Seattle Municipal Tower #4050/4060 (700 5th Ave.)
Women Discover Seattle's Past w/ Karen Gordon & Marie Rose Wong
Join a conversation with Karen & Marie & others engaged in understanding and preserving design history, over happy hour fare.
Please bring $20 ($10 student/underemployed) cash or check to reimburse Marga on site.
The Y list (to date/ongoing):  Marjorie Anderson, Susan Bergen, Brooke Best, Jessie Clawson, *Karen Gordon, Cindy Hirsch, Ryan Kennedy, Heather Miller, Ellen Mirro, *Marie Rose Wong, Jocelyn Schmidt, Elaine Wine

STATISTICS on women architects, landscape architects, & engineers in WA
(January 2015):
According to the WA Department of Licensing, women currently number 1,167 = 17% of licensed architects in the state; 288 = 34% of landscape architects; 2,737 = 11% of engineers.

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