A variety of stickers with conservation message like 'Save Water', 'Let's think Green' etc., have been published. 

The 'Save water' stickers have been distributed and pasted free of cost in places where water can be saved like hotels, restaurants, public taps (hoses) etc. 

Posters and brochures depicting the beauty, importance and uniqueness of endangered wildlife of Tumakuru District like Blackbuck and Painted Stork have been published. 

WANC was earlier publishing its quarterly newsletter 'The Naturalist'. The same has been discontinued and information now is being disseminated through its blog.  

Also a large variety of other literature on conservation has been published.

WANC has also published small booklets in regional language about the conservation actions that an individual can do. 

Right: A sticker on Yellowthroated Bulbul

 Further resources:

 Below: A sticker on Slender Loris

> Below: Poster on conserving Blackbuck and Maidenahalli (Jayamangali) Blackbuck Conservation Area. 

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