WANC has conducted wildlife surveys of many important areas to help their better management. Data gathered during such surveys has been brought out in the form of informative reports:

1) Sri.B.V.Gundappa is the brain behind establishment of a people's sanctuary for the endangered mammal Slender Loris at Nagavalli Village in Tumakuru District, the only one of its kind in India.

2) WANCer Ameen Ahmed worked on the wetlands of Tumakuru District in 2002 as part of the UNEP funded 'Inland Wetlands of India' survey that was cordinated in India by Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON).

3) WANCer Guru Prasad worked along with Harish Bhat of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science in publishing the first ever book on the medicinal plants of Devarayanadurga forests (2001).

4) In 2000, WANC prepared the case studies on Bhadra Tiger Reserve and Tumkur Amanikere lake under Karnataka Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (KBSAP), a joint effort of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India and Govt. of Karnataka and a couple of leading environmental NGOs. This was co-ordinated by Professor Madhav Gadgil, Chief of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science.

5) "Status survey report of Maidenahalli proposed Blackbuck sanctuary", 1997 (Authored by Dr. Uday Veer Singh. IFS, Conservator of Forests, Ameen Ahmed and Manjunath.K.R). Data from this report was used by forest department to recommend the area be declared a Conservation Reserve, which the State Government finally did in February, 2007.

6) Senior WANCer Ameen Ahmed has conducted a survey on the birds and butterflies of Bandipur National Park along with Mr. K. Yekanthappa IFS, Field Director, Bandipur Project Tiger, in 1998-99. The Field Director has published a detailed checklist of the birds found in these rich forests.

7) The first ever checklist of the birds found within the political boundaries of Karnataka has been compiled by WANCer Ameen Ahmed along with Dr.Uday Veer Singh, IFS in 2000. This list has been made available at their Website of Karnataka birds.

8) WANCer Guru Prasad.T.V represented India to presented his paper on “ Decline of Vulture Population in Tumkur District” in the 2nd Symposium of Asian Raptors held at Bandung, Indonesia in  July 2000.

9) The club has taken up 2 major projects in association with WWF- one with the assistance of ICEF and other with the assistance of INFOSYS. Under each projects, WANC has contacted 55 different schools in the district and has been successful in forming institutional nature clubs in there schools.

10) WANCer B.V.Gundappa has undertaken an in depth study of the man-made wetlands (referred locally as Tanks) of Tumakuru District. Compilation of statistics and preparation of the report is in progress. 

11) WANCer T.V.Venkatesh Upadhya, a senior member, is actively involved in catching snakes in the town. Simultaneously educating and bringing awareness in people regarding these beautiful creature.

12) WANCers Prasanna Kumar and Dr. Mahesh G S, have been conducting training camps for teachers regarding conservation of forests, water management, nature linked activities for students, etc.

13) Young WANCers Barathan.R, Mallikarjun.M and Santhosh have shown keen interest in acquiring knowledge about mother-nature. They effectively make all arrangements necessary for conducting camps, surveys and assist in compiling and collecting statistics.

14) The club has contacted more than 3000 families in Tumkur involving all its members and has collected information regarding usage pattern of plastics and will be submitting a report based on this survey to the government. WANCer T.V.Chandrashekara Upadhyaya, a senior member, has been giving talks and slide shows on plastics, to schools, clubs and organisations in and around Tumkur, educating people regarding uses and disadvantages of plastics.

15) WANCer Nandheesh, was awarded Ashoka Fellowship and is involved in educating public about snake conservation. He is also involved in creating awareness about Painted Stork conservation among Kaggaladu villagers. 

16) Lady members Rekha, Vismaya and Geetha are assisting in administrative matters and in organizing camps.

17) Status survey report of Devarayana Durga State Forest 1993, in association with Merlin Nature Club, Bangalore.