WANC fund raising project: LCD projector

Dear friends of WANC / Nature lovers,

As you know, for over two decades Wildlife Aware Nature Club (WANC) has been educating and inspiring rural children, teachers and schools on the immediate need to conserve wildlife and save our nation's environment.

WANC currently owns a slide projector, which has become obsolete in today's digital world. We are having trouble sourcing new slides from agencies. Also, WANC members who used to shoot slides have switched over to digital photography. Hence, we urgently need to buy a LCD projector to continue with our aims. 

In January 2008, we begun raising about Rs.45,000/- through our members and supporters for this cause. Some of our members went to schools and gave slide shows and talks to raise Rs.500 each, for this cause. By October 2008 we raised Rs.14,000 and as of May 2012 the same has risen to Rs. 19,000.

We appeal to you to help us close the gap between the money raised and the amount needed, either personally or through your organisation, by donating or arranging to donate what ever sum you can, by Cash / Cheque / DD.

1) A/C payee cheque or DD can be drawn in the name of "Wild Life Aware Nature Club" payable at Tumkur and can be mailed to

TVN Murthy
Hon. Advisor - WANC
'Kesara', 1st Cross, CSI Layout,
Vivekanada Nagara
Near BH Road
Tumkur City - 5721 01

2) For those with internet banking, you can transfer the accounts directly into WANC account,
A/c no: 54027573797
Account holder name: Wild Life Aware Nature Club
Branch Code: 40334 (Siddaganga Extension Branch, Tumkur)
IFSC code for National Electronic Fund Transfer: SBMY0040334

All contributions will be listed on this page
WANC thanks the following nature lovers for their generosity, due to which we have been able to raise an amount of Rs.19,000/-:
1) Ponnath Manoj, Bengaluru: Rs. 500/-
2) Bharathi Prabhu, Bengaluru: Rs.500/-
3) St. Xavier's School, Shivajinagar, Bengaluru: Rs.500/-
4) Mohan B Kemparaju, Bengaluru: Rs.1,000/-
5) Dr.Aravind Raj, USA/Bangalore: Rs.5,000/-
6) T.V.N.Murthy, Tumkuru: Rs.2000/-
7) Ameen Ahmed, Tumkuru/Bengaluru: Rs.1000/-
8) Barathan.R, Tamil Nadu: Rs.2,000/-
9) Sri Aurobindo Vidya Mandira School, Bengaluru: Rs.500/-
10) Sandeep Menon, Bengaluru: Rs.1,000/-
11) T-Mangoes (Chennai based HR Consultancy firm): Rs. 5,000/-
For details on how WANC's funding works, please see:

For other details on WANC, please visit:

For any questions / clarifications, please contact:
TVN Murthy: tvnmurthy AT vsnl.com (94480 73129)
Ameen Ahmed: tumkurameen AT gmail.com (9035 888 429)

Thanking you.

In conservation,

Ameen Ahmed
Wildlife Aware Nature Club (WANC)
Tumkur, Karnataka

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