Achievements and honours

Since its inception in 1990...

1) WANC was the first to propose Tumakuru District's Maidenahalli area be declared a Blackbuck Sanctuary. The State Government declared the area as a conservation reserve in February 2007. This was based on recommendations of the state Forest Department's wildlife wing, who sourced data of the area from the only inventory of the area's wildlife, prepared by WANC in 1997.

2) WANC founder, TVN Murthy is the Honorary Wildlife Warden of Tumakuru District, appointed by Government of Karnataka since 2007-08.

3) WANC has conducted over 50 nature education camps.

4) WANCers have given over 500 illustrated talks in India and Canada on nature conservation.

5) Over 3000 snakes have been rehabilitated so far from residential areas into forests of Tumakuru District.

6) WANCer Ameen Ahmed won Greenpeace Canada's 'Your vision of Canada'  contest in 2004.

7) WANCer Ameen Ahmed prepared the first ever Checklist of Birds of Karnataka state along with Dr.Uday Veer Singh, IFS. This information has been put on a website Birds of Karnataka state since it was launched on Nov.23, 2000. This is the first attempt of its kind for any state of India.

8) Discovered Kaggaladu Heronry in 1999, the 2nd largest nesting colony of Painted Storks in Karnataka and the only mixed heronry of Painted Storks & Grey Herons in Karnataka.

9) Conducted a Nature Photography workshop in 1993, by involving some of India’s best known wildlife photographers.

10) First nature club in Karnataka to organise a state level Nature Clubs, meet in 1991.


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