The Wildlife and Ecology Center
Holtsville, NY







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4Cl's trip to the:


Wildlife and Ecology Center

Buckly Rd., Holtsville NY 11742

(631) 758-9664

       Have you ever visited an ecology center? I bet many of you have been to a zoo. This ecology center is like a zoo, but it's different in many ways too. This one was actually built on a former landfill. It is home to many domesticated animals such as goats and ducks, but you will also find several rescued wild animals. In addition, they've got black bears, bobcats, and mountain lions! There are so many animals to see here!

     This site also has pages (see sidebar) that link to assignments I'd like you to complete before, during, and after our visit to the Center. I will explain everything to you as well, and I will also tell you about your groups. Your goal is to research your animal, fill out the attached forms on the Assignments page, and use all of the information you gather to create a group project on Voicethread or Google Documents.

     Click the link below and print out the Treasure Hunt sheet before navigating away from this page.

      It's going to be a great trip!



 Located in the town of   Brookhaven






Click the link below for this website's

Treasure Hunt sheet!


Ecology Center Nature Hunt



 Enjoy your visit!