Song of My Homeland

Though he wields one sword, his strikes are vicious
I shan't fear, for he would not be malicious
The knight's blood-red armor fills my gaze now
It makes me wonder of precisely how
Our people came to this state, this troubling low
That we thought it best to seek power, sin in tow
Though our hands are washed clean of this deed
I've heard the tale of how a knight gained his steed
Through desecration and the reverence thereof
On others his morals were important to shove
Tradition be damned, the past is far gone
The light had abandoned us, done and done
Our fount of power, our beloved Sunwell
Taken from us in the evil tide's swell
But even in those harshest of days
I still hoped for the best, averting my gaze
As the guardians touted their words of false joy
I looked to the sky, the way I had as a boy

Looking to the one who would not abandon
Gazing up to Silvermoon's eternal sun
Still rising high over so many golden trees
Its radiance inviting me to my knees
To pray for its power, its neverending light
Rather than resort to wresting it with a fight
I cared not for power, not for myself
The soul of my people too important itself
Many times I feared we had all become
Nothing more than thieves, taking each crumb
Of magic we could pull under our will
Oh how foolish we were, what fools we are still
It was made clear ages ago
Rules are in place so you shall not go
Past the boundaries to dangerous lands
Of depravity and greed in demons' hands
But we were different, we were secure
Of ourselves too terribly sure
Not even death was a true problem for us
Until its prince arrived, destroying our trust

O, Belore, did you weep that day?
Did our hardship a hand on your breast stay?
To still your racing heart, your emotions high
Or did you merely watch and let out a sigh
"Children of magic, do you not see?
This was coming, 'twas meant to be
Your day was fading as a falling star
Sinking behind the mountains afar
Never to be seen again by those near
Your laments all the others would hear
They will shake their heads, declare it is just
That you, on this day, in the Light lost your trust."
On that day a nightmare ago
Our faith in the sun we did forego
To follow the prince who walked in the day
But behind on this world he bade us stay
To await his return, it was our command
But our own prince's words I could not stand
Who was he to share in our heartbreak?
Did he truly know what his people could take?

Minn'da, I miss you, lost to the broken lands
Ann'da, I fear for you, so much blood on thy hands
Where will you go after reaching the last fight
After declaring yourself "We have lost the Light"?
Shall you wander forever, incorporeal form
Ne'er to feel joy, ne'er to be warm?
Will you weep all alone, your mistakes in sight
E'ery time righteousness you chose to fight
The worst of your life, now visible your strife
The Sin in your veins, the Sins of your life
How will you escape them, dear ann'da? 
No reprieve, shindu fallah na
Shindu fallah na, your evils within
Shindu fallah na, the reaper's dry grin
I wish you had been taken in the stead
Of my mother, you warlock, sick in the head
Power was all you wanted, it's true.
Power had a loyal slave: it was you.
Die all alone, let no one mark your grave
Poor mother, I know none of this will save.

Ann'da, gone to his own greed and lust
His end I admit was fair and just
Minn'da, dearest to me of them all
Damn the dead prince who brought you to fall.
He is no more now, met his own fair end
My own heart, though, this fact cannot mend
Our Sunwell restored, many rejoiced
I chose to refrain my opinion be voiced
"The soul of a nation," the Prophet's own words,
Our spirits to be lifted, soaring as free birds
The comfort is lost on one such as I
Who cannot avoid catching his own eye
In the mirror by chance, to catch that sick hue
My people, this green is owed just to you.
The power we had, we never controlled 
Only an illusion by those who patrolled
Along our borders, watching our gates
Watching outside as angry wolves wait
Everything fine, our home so secure
But for the treachery of one traitor

One man who fell under darkness's sway
One man who thought there only one way
To save himself from the evil tide
Leaving his people helpless even to hide
Did he gain what he wanted, his grand design?
I like to believe Death's own papers he signed
Selling his homeland for power his own
Betraying his friends and all he had known
I know there is justice in this universe
So politely as I can in such a verse
I wish him good luck in his personal hell
And in more things of which I will not tell
O, Belore, was he the one star you saw fall?
Or was it really the fault of every and all?
If not the great traitor, who else did sow
Such seeds of destruction, such wind to blow
The mast'd sails of the Sin'dorei were full
Then and there ripped clean of the hull
Sinu a'manore, age of our grace
Shorel'aran, the pride of our race

Anar'alah Belore, we found our place
Anar'alah, we vowed good to our race
Vendel'o eranu we have become
Such a vengeful people, seeking what ne'er come
Our trust shattered once, we lost far more
Than what was stolen, there is further in store
We will endure, we will survive
Our people dare continue to thrive
Through such hardship, through such despair
Close to all we could ever hope to bear
Selama ashal'anore is what we entreated
The Light did not come, it had since retreated
We were not deserving, but still we try
To lift our eyes once more to the sky
O Belore, we lie, we are not brave
Our own good names, we could not save
Alliances shattered, new names upholden
The worst of us it serves to only embolden
"Fear not brothers, nor sisters, nor kin--
The Sin'dorei shall rise again."