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Forbidden Loves - Monday, May 24, 2010

Romeo and Juliet is a great story about two lovers who were destined to fall in love despite their families bitching at each other constantly for no particular reason. This story has survived for a very long time because of the fact that it was well-written and was also written down to begin with. Also, it seems required in high school. ("What, you want to read Hamlet? Go watch The Lion King or something, this shit is better.") Plus, it had a really nice modernized version made which retained the original dialogue and plot and all that good stuff with the luscious Leonardo di Caprio starring and some other chick with boobs. What really gets people into the story, though, is the fact that the love between the two people is forbidden. The good thing the main characters have together is the main conflict! How... conflicting! Obviously when you have such a winning story as this, others are going to try emulating it with their own stories of love made all the better by the fact that it's WRONG for these two people to be together! (For some, that is achieved merely by having two dudes in love. The horror!) Unfortunately, this emulation isn't achieved quite as well as Bill did it. (If he even did it himself at all. There's been some debate.) Which brings me to the subject I was wanting to talk about in the first place, the only reason this rant is on this particular site: Blood Elves and Night Elves.
    I regularly browse FanFiction.net for new fanfics to post on my site with the authors' permission. (not with FanFiction.net's permission, though. Fuck them.) This means trudging through the other submissions that I regularly skip over without even looking at them. A glance at the description will make me say "meh" to a fanfiction when I see things like this:
He was betrayed and sold into slavery. He suffered for years in the darkness until finally he escaped. Now this human Druid will take his revenge! Human/Draenei
    It looked interesting at first, and it caught my eye. Betrayed and sold into slavery? By who! Suffered for years in the darkness until he escaped? But how! And then I hit the main character's identity. Pass.
    Much the same thought process goes through my head when it comes to the fanfics about Blood Elves and Night Elves. Luckily for me and my time management, it's sometimes made very obvious from the start:
A love that is forbidden... that is not accepted...between a Blood Elf named Belethe and a Night Elf named Azzeron. Hardships will face them and it is up to them whether or not their love can succeed. Should such a
love succeed if it causes so much pain?
Forbidden love. If most of these fanfictions on this site ended up being canon by some strange drunken mishap on Blizzard's part, the love between a Blood elf and a Night Elf wouldn't be so forbidden. As a matter of fact, it would end up being very strange and rare to hear about two Night Elves ever sleeping together again. What I really love about this fic description is all the ellipses. Sorry, they won't make me more intrigued, more curious to find out what lies beyond the ellipses of your description.
    Now here's the question I pose. Do these authors write such things because they're trying to emulate Romeo and Juliet's plot and inherent ability to keep our attention with the conflict, or are they writing these fanfics for the sake of pairing a Night Elf and a Blood Elf together for a night of raucous, mispelled, comma-ridden, comma-absent erotic text written while the author sits in a dark room with only the mosquito light-like glow of their monitor to light their ogling faces as they take in every single letter they type as though it's going to strip for them? (Personally, my favorite is the N. Oh, you sexy, sexy N...)
    I shouldn't be so harsh. These kids work very hard on their fanfics, taking the time to write, upload, and submit their creations and decide if the plot is more about Adventure/Romance or Hurt/Comfort. These are difficult decisions to make sometimes.
    Let's take a look at another fanfic description to give me a chance to digress.
About a half night elf, half blood elf named Xanna. Orphaned and abandoned at a young age, she knows nothing about her family. Shunned by both sides when they find out what she is, she finally finds a friend in an orc who doesn't care about her heritage.
    Dear god, they're breeding now? This seems to be the result of the aforementioned fics, taking a strange turn. This one, I'm actually intrigued by. She knows nothing about her family, yet both sides know enough to shun her? How? What, because they looked at her? Has she never seen a mirror before? More importantly, what is this orc thinking? "Y'know what I'd like? I'd like a woman who looks nearly strong enough to pick up a weapon, but not quite. Oh, and she needs to have some fel taint in her." I guess he couldn't find any anorexic orcs.
    Ah well. As with any creative endeavor, no matter how much you would like to kick these people in the balls and tell them to shape up, it wouldn't do any good. And would it even be right? Perhaps one of these days there will be some good ones written that don't involve a Romeo and Juliet, in which Romeo is short, tan, and blonde and Juliet is seven feet tall, purple, and nocturnal. (Why did I just feel like I described a Twilight fanfic?) All we can really do for these people is set a good example of lore-correct stories, showing that it's okay to be a bit edgy, just... Not in that edgy of a way. Until then...
    OCs w/some guest appearances. Sex, violence, swearing, guy/guy, guy/girl. What happens when a sin'dorei rogue escapes from the Stockades and SI-7 tries to recruit him?