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Cosplay Picks

My list of the best cosplay I've seen so far! A lot of it will end up being women... 

Blood Elf
Night Elf
Night Elf Priest, Teir 6
Night Elf
Blood Elf
Two Blood Elves
Thorim (Finally, a male!)
Mistress of Pain
(Not Warcraft, but too awesome to leave out)
Paladin in Sunwell Gear
Human Paladin, Teir 7.5

Human Warlock, Teir 5
Undead Warlock, Teir 6
Night Elf Druid, Teir 6
High Inquisitor Whitemane
Draenei Shaman and Turtle Mount, Teir 6 pvp
Draenei Noob
Valeera Sanguinar
Priest with Ulduar Mace and Tome, Teir 8.5
Arthas Menethil (please put your helmet back on, sir...)
Shaman, Teir 6
Night Elf in Robe of Hoarse Breaths
Blood Elf Priest, Teir 6

S2 Mage


T8 Priest


Elf Form Ysera

Meeting Stone (via www.cosplay.com/ photo/2114134/)