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    Raised in the country with a deep desire to not be harassed by his parents, Ydarissep has suffered through the agony that is growing up. Sixteen years of age and a seething ball of hatred, he spends most of his time doing either nothing or playing and beating video games he has played many times over. With the expansion just around the corner, he is unable to do really anything on World of Warcraft, other than just sit there and gawk at videos of Cataclysm. His parents are bickering idgits who are--regrettably--still together, and his sister is... More of a bitch than he is a dick.
    Currently, Ydarissep is unemployed but is looking for work at his own pace (which is going slow). He has no pets--despite his want for a kitty--not many friends to hang out with, and is embarrassingly shy.

Writing Habits

    As of late, not much inspiration has come to Ydarissep. He mostly either bullshits his way through things, or just writes the first thing that comes to his mind. His prefered program is Windows Office 07 and he can write just about anywhere. He loves to show off his work and get opinions from his friends and teachers. He is quite partial to short stories of any topic and morbid poems. His most interesting bit of work is his "Soulcleaver" series, as he never got to do much with Nuk'hara before he was faction changed.

Gaming Habits

    Ydarissep will play just about any sort of game, multi- or single player. He is quite partial to the Bioshock and Assassin's Creed series, as well as the Armored Core series. Otherwise, very few things interest him. He does not like the whole "Call of Duty" or "Medal of Honor" series, for the sole reason that it's mostly about the multi-player and not the story mode. One could say that he is a "Lore Whore" because of his endless hunger to learn all there is to know about a video games story before he starts to play it. Mostly, though, he plays World of Warcraft, roleplaying and awaiting Cataclysm oh so very impatiently.
    He owns a PlayStation 2, 3 and Portable but spends the most time on his PS3.


Favorite Websites

  • FaceBook: Ydarissep
  • Skype: final.chance
  • E-Mail: Dalkra22@hotmail.com