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    JLeonard is from a small town in Indiana, relieving her boredom from her position just south of somewhere interesting by writing, drawing, and playing copious amounts of World of Warcraft. She has separated parents and an older sister. She lives in her home town with her mother and their two cats. As far as education is concerned, JLeonard has graduated High School and is enrolled in a university now. She is undecided in her choice of major, but thinks web design will be the most reasonable for keeping a much-needed job. 
    JLeonard enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter, walking dogs every Wednesday. However, though she loves making the shelter dogs happy, she'd really like to have a dog of her own as well.

Writing Habits

  • Preferred Writing Program: TextEdit
  • Preferred Writing Environment: In her room with her door shut and a snack of some sort.
    Inspiration for writing usually strikes JLeonard at inopportune moments. Whether this moment is when she has nothing but a pad of paper to write on or it is four in the morning the night before class, inspiration strikes and must be obeyed. Typically, she will drop what she is doing and ignore anyone she may be conversing with and start writing. After a while, the inspiration will slow down, and she will look for other sources. Music helps at times, but not always. Generally, she will find her authenticator and start World of Warcraft up. After wandering about for a while, she may get more ideas. Sometimes they just fizzle out. Alas, creativity is not a faucet.

Gaming Habits

    Having formerly been a predominantly Alliance roleplayer, JLeonard now tends towards Horde for the sake of playing as male blood elves. She is unrepentant in this regard. Her characters include a druid, hunter, paladin, two very different rogues, and a death knight. Her servers are Earthen Ring, Wyrmrest Accord, and occasionally Moon Guard. She avoids Goldshire on each of these realms; one can never be too careful.
    She has also tried out Warcraft III, but as with any Real-Time Strategy game, she is horrible at it. (Cenarius keeps killing Grom. Go figure.) However, her skill in the game Tropico was legendary. (Rumors of cheat code use are unsubstantiated)
    Another game JLeonard has tried on a computer is Dungeons and Dragons Online. She is as of yet uncertain of what she thinks of it, but likes the appearance of gear, characters, and environments. She also finds the dungeon narration to be totally badass, especially since the narrator speaks with a British accent.
    Consoles JLeonard owns include a GameCube and a PlayStation2. Her sister owns a Wii, and sometimes brings it home, on which JLeonard likes to play Zelda series games. Games she enjoys include Katamari Damacy and each Legend of Zelda game from Ocarina of Time onward. She owns no handheld systems.


    Being the site's owner (besides Google, of course) and operator, JLeonard posts many stories on this site, many in incomplete form. These include:
    In addition to more coherent works, JLeonard also writes Jane's Rant. Due to a problem with apostrophes, the apostrophe of this site's name has been changed to an accent mark to display it properly on browsers.
    JLeonard also tends to test site elements out on the Zandbox Page. This page is incorrectly spelled for the purpose of placing it at the end of the list of stories.


From time to time, JLeonard finishes her drawings well enough to post them without embarrassment. They can be found on the Artistry page, or in the direct links below. JLeonard also created (some from pre-made designs) the site's background, side bar border, header image, divider images, and "The End" image.

Favorite Websites

  • Cracked, a comedy article and video site
  • FanFiction.Net, where JLeonard goes hunting regularly
  • Halolz, a great site with lots of video game lol's

JLeonard really is this pale.

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