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Story List

In-progress  -  Completed

A Few Couriers Later -  Author: JLeonard - Adventure - Cast: Tei'dran - Status: In-progress
Bindings of Family - Author: JLeonard - Cast: Tei'dran, Allidar - Status: In-progress
Flute of the Draconic Oath - Author: JLeonard - Cast: Sintas Ilthalaine, Fandral Stagehelm - Status: In-progress
Get Him! - Author: JLeonard - Cast: Tei'dran, Allidar - Status: Complete
Kel'thuzad's Loot! - Short Poem by XJuniorWriterX
Leaving Our Roots - Author: Kurast - Cast: Derek Vasilis - Status: Complete
Like Father Like Son - Author: Collette Amiot - Cast: Sariah Winterthorne, Leonitus Winterthorne, Sorrowdusk - Status: Complete
Losing Family - Author: Kurast - Cast: Derek Vasilis - Status: Complete
Red Revelations - Author: JLeonard - Status: In-progress
Scene of the Crime - Author: JLeonard - Action/Drama - Cast: Teleia, Edwin van Cleef - Status: Complete 
Sorrowdusk and the Fall of Leotheras - Author: JLeonard - Action/Adventure - Cast: Sorrowdusk (Blood Elf), Leotheras, Lady Vashj - Status: Complete
Dawn Song - Alternate Ending of SatFoL - Status: Complete
Awakening - Further storyline of Dawn Song - Status: In-progress
Sunset Lament - Alternate Ending of SatFoL - Status: In-progress
Shadow of Shadowmoon - Author: Odeena Sabnach - Adventure/Romance - Cast: Vaala Dawnstrike, Illidan Stormrage, Reevan Dawnstrike - Status: In-progress
Stormwind Keep - Author: JLeonard - Cast: Teleia, various others - Status: Complete
The Master - Author: JLeonard - Cast: Sorrowdusk (Night Elf) - Status: In-progress
The Shadows Grow Longer  - Author: Doedendans - Drama/Horror - Cast: Jaina Proudmoore, Arthas Menethil/Lich King, Kel'thuzad - Status: In-progress
Tei'dran's Memoirs - Author: JLeonard - Drama - Cast: Tei'dran Duskwatch
The Simple Life Author: Kurast - Cast: Derek Vasilis - Status: Complete
Warcraft Legends - Author: JLeonard - Cast: Various - Status: Various Complete
Warlock & Demon - Author: JLeonard - Status: Complete
Wildheart - Author: JLeonard - Romance/Suspense Lite - Cast: Sintas, Fandral Staghelm, Broll Bearmantle, etc - Status: In-progress


    Cast : This page is where all the characters are rounded up and herded into a chart for your pleasure. If you find a character you like in a fic and would like to see what all that character is in, go to the Cast table.
    Glossary : A short list of names and places used in the fanfics that I feel should be explained. This list is by no means complete, and each entry in it links to WoW Wiki, a good place to browse Warcraft articles at your leisure.
    How To Roleplay : Tips to others who want to learn more about character creation and interaction with other players in World of Warcraft. This includes Character Relationships, Hybrid Races, and Roleplay Classes all in handy-dandy chart form. Also is the page Sworn Enemies, a list of major villains in Warcraft lore, along with their personal accomplishments.
    Get to know one of the authors by her own bitching: Jane's Rant is the place to look for this.
    Links : Links to other sites I feel are relevant.

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