Medications for Mama (and Papa) Bears

An online course empowering parents who are thinking about medication


-          Is your child struggling in spite of all your efforts to get good therapy and support?

-          Are you considering medication, but worried about whether it is the right decision?

-          Are you tired of feeling unheard or misunderstood by your child’s doctor or prescriber? 

This course will provide you with the framework, tools, and communication strategies to help their therapist or doctor understand what they need and how to best help them. We will journey together from considering when is the right time for meds to be part of treatment, to concrete preparation for a psychiatric evaluation that will leave you feeling empowered and heard.


This course includes:

1.       Clinically based guidelines for thinking about when to consider medication or when to first pursue other options

2.       Point by point outline for how to prepare for a medication evaluation for your child, to make sure that your concerns are heard and that no important information gets left out.

3.       Free tools that can help you track your child’s symptoms in a way that your prescriber will understand

4.       Approaches for knowing how long your child should be on medications and how to have ongoing conversations about this with your providers.

5.       Important considerations when making decisions about which medications to use and which to avoid.


In addition to the 2-part online videos, this course includes the following bonuses:

1.       Powerpoint outlines that can be used for note taking or later reference

2.       Access to online resources for tracking symptoms over time and assessing medication effectiveness

3.       Meditation and stress reduction techniques for parents and children to practice together while they are going through the process of working through medication decisions

4.       Medication compliance strategies handout customized for parents, kids, and teens


About Me:
I am a family psychiatric nurse practitioner, i.e. a nurse with advanced training in child, adolescent, and adult therapy and medication management. I am a humanities major and poet turned psychiatric prescriber, which makes me a bit of an odd duck but also gives my work a sensitivity to language and communication that deeply serves my clients. I trained at Yale University’s nursing program; you can visit this video to hear me read about one of my experiences there. I have worked in settings ranging from primary care offices to client’s homes and schools, and I now have a private practice that allows me to spend all the time I want with my patients and not be drowning in paperwork. Still, having worked in agency settings, I’ve learned how to help parents and children be heard quickly and clearly by doctors who are often doing 5 different things at a time. I have conversations with families every day about how to make difficult decisions about whether and how to use medications; I bring this work into this course and am grateful for what my clients have taught me about how important it is to share this knowledge with parents like you.

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