What should we wear for our photo session?
Bright colors photograph the best.  For everything to look cohesive, everyone should be wearing complimentary colors.  If you have a darker skin tone you will want to avoid dark colored clothing.

How long will it be before I can view my photos?
In most cases, I begin sorting, editing and formatting your photos that very week.  I will analyze each photo and handpick the very best images for processing.  They will be refined and retouched, when necessary, to give you the best possible photos.  I want to ensure that your  photos are as perfect as they can be.  These final image will be available for viewing in your online gallery in 2-3 weeks from your session date.  

What is the best time of day to schedule our session?
Typically, morning or evening give us the best light.  Noon to early afternoon sun tends to be too harsh and casts too many shadows.

How far in advance should I book my session?
Preferably 1-2 weeks ahead of your desired date.  Typically, I am booked out 2-3 weeks, depending on the time of year. However, sometimes that just is not possible, simply call to check my availability.

Can I request a specific poses?
Of course!  I want the session and your photos to capture you and your personality. If you have an idea in mind, or like a particular pose that you saw in my portfolio, just ask.

Do I order my prints from you?
I can order your photos through a professional printing lab, however, most of my clients prefer to print their own photos.  [Mpix: http://www.mpix.com/]  Pricing varies and generally costs a bit more than prints through Costco, Wal-Mart or Walgreens, BUT your photos will look better and more professional through the lab.  If you choose to print photos using another photo lab of your choice,  I will give you will a copyright release with your images. 

When is payment required?
Your session fee must be paid in full on or before your scheduled session.  You may pay with cash, check or paypal.  You may also pay your session fee in installments....the session fee just needs to be paid in full on or before your session date.

How come we did not receive all of the photos that you took?
I will to take anywhere between 150 to 200 photos at any given session, depending on the type and length of the session.  This is because I take 3-4 shots of the each pose to ensure that I get a good shot [to make sure lighting is good and to weed out closed eyes unflattering expression, etc.] This typically gives my clients 30-40 beautiful photos.  You will receive all of the best photos that I capture.  If I were to give you all of the photos that I took, you would receive many redundant photos, photos with closed or blinking eyes, etc... and no one wants that

What does the session fee include?
The session fee includes a 60-90 minute photo session on location, [with the exception of newborn sessions & mini-sessions...see the "pricing" page] my time and talent, the time it takes to edit, refine and retouch your images, 25-30 unique, custom edited & refined images on cd or flashdrive.

Can we have the "originals"?
I do not give the "originals" to my clients. Your images are captured in raw color format so that the finished product can be as perfect as possible.  "Originals", or SOC 's (straight out of the camera) images are minimally processed data from the camera, and are not ready for print, and therefore, must be processed.  Raw image formats are intended to capture as closely as possible, characteristics of the scene, the light intensity and color of the scene. This means that formatting, editing, refining and retouching is need before the images are ready for print.  

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

I understand that unforeseen circumstances arise from time to time, should you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please call or e-mail me as soon as possible [preferably 2-3 days before your scheduled session] and I will do what I can to accommodate you. 

Due to the nature of photography, photo sessions cannot be refunded once they have already taken place.  As much as I want you to love with your photos, 100% satisfaction cannot be guaranteed.  [Though I can say that all of my clients have loved their photos.] I encourage my clients to be very clear and realistic in what you envision for your photo session and I will do my very best to exceed your expectations.  Please be sure to view my portfolio before you schedule your photo session to get a feel of my photography style.

We all know that things do not always go as planned...especially when little ones are involved.  :)  If for some reason your little one is not cooperating during your session, please do not hesitate to reschedule your session.  I will do what I can to accommodate you.

*Wildflower Photography Studio reserves the right to reproduce all images for portfolio, blog, gallery display, website, self promotion, photo contests, Facebook, etc.   No information or names will be posted or used.