About Me:
Hello...my name is Rachel McCracken. I have a huge passion for my family and photography...both of which will be forever intertwined. I love capturing moments in life...whether it's my littles playing dress-up or exploring the great outdoors...a new baby's arrival or a family's love for each other...all are beautiful moments in life that deserve to be captured and remembered. What better way to remember a moment than through a photograph.
I'm a self-taught photographer and have been taking photos as long as I can remember. It became more of an obsession once our first daughter was born...and I haven't put my camera down since. Wildflower Photography Studio was born when family and friends, and friends of family and friends. began asking me to photograph their children, take their family photos or capture their precious moments. 
About My Style:
My photography is unique, creative and colorful, with a bit of whimsy. I'm a natural light photographer so my photos are taken on location, outdoors. During your session, I will take a mixture of posed and candid or "unplanned" shots...especially when kiddos are involved. I just sit back and snap away. I want to capture you and your families' personality. This comes through more naturally when you are being natural, being yourself. More often than not, candid photos are the purest and loveliest captures of the entire session.  I encourage you to bring along any props that you want to incorporate in your session. Please let me know if you have a specific vision or theme that you are going for or if you have any ideas for posing...don't be afraid to speak up.  I will also recommend locations that will best fit the vision/theme you are going for.  Also, I'm a mama of two so I completely understand if breaks are needed during a session to give your little one a rest or a snack.  If for some reason your little one just is cooperating during the session, we can always we schedule and try again another day...we all have our days.  :)
As far as location goes...I currently serve families in the East Valley, which includes Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Tempe and Scottsdale.
Please, take a look around! I look forward to working with you and capturing your beautiful moments!