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Nada Rose

Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner                    

  • Energy Healing (Brennan Healing Science & Reiki)                  Nada's web site:    www.goldensummersun.com
  • Emotional Clearing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Dream Recall
  • Mandala Art Workshops
  • Meditation & Self-Growth Workshops
I am an Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner and a graduate of the intensive four-year Energy
Healing Program taught at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. For those who are not
familiar with the school’s founder, Dr. Brennan…is a world-renowned healer, teacher, and
former NASA physicist, and the best-selling author of Hands of Light®, Light Emerging, and The
Seeds of the Spirit® book series."

During these studies, practicing and applying energy healing approaches were fundamental to
becoming a “hands-on” healer; however, psych-spiritual practices were an equally significant
part of the curriculum and vital to the personal transformation that was a mandatory piece of the
training. Essentially, psych-spiritual is term which refers to the integration of psychological
growth and spiritual attunement. As this process gradually deepened for me, I was initiated into
transpersonal experiences that grew richer and more profound and that enabled me to develop
more and more empathy towards other people as well as towards myself. Combined with the
energy healing techniques which I repeatedly practiced and explored and the psycho-dynamic
investigations required, I discovered that this was a wonderful preparation towards assisting
others moving through personal transformation and change, too.

My interest in the dynamics of body, mind, emotion and spirit and how these intertwine in each
person’s life by creating relationships and situations both positive and negative, drew me into
further studies which included how past lives may influence us in the present (Past Life
Regression), how unresolved emotional content may colour how we are in the world (Emotional
Clearing), and how our dreams may be providing messages that can profoundly assist us in our
daily lives (Dream Recall). Then, just for fun, I studied Matrix Energetics which is essentially a
consciousness technology and a wonderful transformational process that flows and creates
unexpected results.

I am also an artist focusing within the medium of watercolour and acrylic painting. Having loved
drawing and using colour from a very young age, I’ve pursued this interest over many years…
sometimes with bursts of intense activity that was followed by or intertwined with months or
even years of interruption while my attention turned to the healing arts. But I’ve always turned
back to creating images and attended university to receive a BFA degree.

My journey and curiosity has always revolved around consciousness expansion and to that end
I have been a meditation practitioner for most of my adult life. It is an important foundational
piece for self-growth and stability. For those who are undergoing the profound changes and
transformations arising from deep within the psyche, I have discovered and realized that
Integrative Energy Healing in combination with the other practices mentioned above, have
repeatedly soothed my soul and set me firmly upon my life’s true course over and over again. I
know this process can equally benefit others as well.