Wildflower's Holiday Soiree!

Friday Dec 7th/18 5-7:30pm----this is the evening of Ladysmith's Old Time Christmas-----Please Join us upstairs for a social evening which springs from the gratitude we have for our clientele's patronage . Activities, beverages, appys, and a bird's eye view of the festivities on the street below. Hope to see you there!

 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Intro Workshop -April 7/2018 11-11:45 am     FREE!
Join Nicky Ruddell-  Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, to learn about this one on one, hands on Yoga Therapy.
This is a non-diagnostic and non-prescriptive client centred therapy through assisted body movement.
Attendees will receive a $25 discount applied to your first yoga therapy session with Nicky
for more information go to Nicky's website www.threadyogatherapy.com


Nada Rose presents:

Developing Psych-Spiritual Practices
That Smooth the Path to Meditation 

In this repeating six-week workshop, I’ll provide teachings and practices that will ease a person into deeper and deeper relationship with Self. These are practical self-growth processes that look at how mental/emotional patterns influence our beliefs about ourselves, about others, and about how we align with our culture. It’ll also become apparent how the preoccupation with our chattering minds or repetitive cycles of thinking and the subsequent emotions produced, influence our health and sense of well-being with positive or negative results.

Each session will begin with information and instruction and will then be followed by guided meditative practices that will provide a person with increasing experience in exploring all that arises when working within contemplative states. Both the understanding of mental/emotional/physical states and the movement into stillness (meditation) create an equal partnership in discovering the clarity and transformation that so many of us crave.
  • Sundays at 10 am to noon - start date: March 6th/16. 
  • Drop-in fee: $10. 
  • Wildflower Natural Health, 512 First Avenue, Ladysmith, BC. 
RSVP by emailing goldensummersun@gmail.com or by leaving a message with your contact information at 778-800-9640.

Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to beginning this journey with you.

Nada Rose

New to Wildflower **************************************************
Nada Rose- we are thrilled to be sharing our studio with Artist/Healer Nada Rose. Nada has extensive training in the healing arts ,particularily with the 'subtle bodies' of the human energy field.She will be offering her treatments to our very fortunate community as of now! Watch for upcoming additional information on this site.

Acupuncture Community Clinic

posted Jan 24, 2017, 5:16 PM by Wildflower Natural Health

Come on down to Wildflower Saturday Jan.28th for Jacqueline and Laura's Community Clinic
Starting @ 9:30AM and usually wrapping up @ 4pm
Try Acupuncture in a more informal and abbreviated style.
Please wear loose clothing
Expect to be there up to 1 hour
This is a "by donation" event
Drop in... but signing up is recommended as these clinics are becoming very popular!!
Call Jacqueline @250-245-3359

The Wishing Tree Project

posted May 22, 2016, 12:18 PM by Wildflower Natural Health

We are happy to announce that Ladysmith now has a Wishing Tree!
Located at 4th and Symonds on the Health Centre grounds.
Please visit if the spirit moves you!

A Wishing or Blessing Tree is a tree devoted to the community that provides a nondenominational  and inclusive place for all to go to 'let go'.
Mental and emotional burdens can begin to weigh us down. From natural disasters to violence and injustices, our lives and the lives of our children are becoming more stressful. We can feel both powerless and overwhelmed.

At the tree we hang a ribbon or string having first centred ourselves, and focused our intention.
Pens are provided for those who want to write down their worry-prayer-remembrance-gratitude-etc
The ribbon is then hung loosely on the branches or lines
Let the tree and the elements carry your burdens or blessings.
Let go

Intention is one of our unseen powers! Use it to create healing for yourself, community, the planet. 
Don't forget,if at first you don't succeed try again

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