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Stefan Wilde 


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 I am Stefan Wilde, and I'm 17 years old. I live and race motorcycles in Washington state. I started racing at the age of three and it became a big part of my life as well as my family's. I was District 27 State Champion and raced at Loretta Lynn's National in 1998, all by the age of five years old.

My parents decided that racing at the National level wasn't something they wanted for our family, I had two other siblings my parents had to care for, on top of the stresses of racing. I stopped racing for six years and took up other sports. I am a Cadet Ski Instuctor, I play football, I wrestle, and do track & field. I have always maintained an honor roll G.P.A.

I am currently in the NMA offroad series for Washington State. I race the AA class. I have a 2008 KTM 250xcf and a 2008 KTM 505xcf. I have created this site so that I can be seen by potential sponsors. I also show up to some Motocross races and compete in the Intermediate class.



My goals for next year are to finish on the podium every race in AA. I also would like to win some 24 hour races. Another goal of mine for next year would be to race some worcs races and qualify for Pro 2.



My competitive highlights are that I always "give it my all" to achieve my goals. I have a very good training program, by riding once to twice a week and I ride with a lot of local pros which helps me become a better rider. I also workout every day so that I have good conditioning for my races. I am in very good shape. I have raced in national races so I have a lot of riding experience as well. I also race every weekend.

My most important highlights of this year would have to be The Buttstomper 24 hour race at Reiter trails, I finished first place in the Ironman Class. I beat the milage record by 30 miles for the Ultra Ironman class. I also attended the Perry Mountain 24 hour race this year and finished 2nd in 250 Ironman with a broken collarbone.