2009Arkansas State Fair

Homebrew Competition

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   Entry Rules and Regulations

 Important Note:  Because this competition is sponsored by the State of Arkansas only Arkansas residents can enter beers.

All BJCP styles of beer, mead, and cider. will be accepted. 2008 AHA/BJCP style guidelines will be used. Competition is AHA sanctioned. For more information, see the BJCP website listed below:

 BJCP Guidelines

 Three (3) unmarked brown or green 10‑14 ounce bottles are required for each entry. Bottles should have no raised lettering and bottle caps should be plain or blackened out. Raised lettering that is obviously a manufacturing or date codes (ex: 34ZZER‑5) are permitted. EZ-Cap (Grolsch) style bottles will not be accepted. Entries received that do not conform to requirements WILL NOT be judged, entrant FEE will NOT be refunded.

 Each bottle must have an identifying label attached with a rubber band (no tape or glue) and an entry form must accompany each entry. Recipe sheets are not required. The special ingredients or classic style must be included for (numbered) categories 20, 21, 22, 23.

In addition, for mead and cider, dry, medium or sweet, and still or sparkling should be indicated on the entry form.    Forms link is located at the bottom of this page.

 It is the entrant's responsibility to enter their beer in the correct category.

The competition organizers WILL NOT reclassify an entry.

If there are any special ingredients, please put them on your form, this will help the judges judge your beer properly.

 If you enter more than one beer in a (lettered) sub-category, you may only win once in that lettered category. (Ex: Porter: If two beers are entered in category 15b, only one may win. However, if two beers are entered in 15b and one is entered in 15a, you may win once with a beer in 15b and once with a beer in 15a)

 Collapsing/Expanding Categories:   Entries will be judged with like beers from the same BJCP (numbered) category. If fewer than five (5) entries are received in any one BJCP (numbered) category, the competition organizers reserve the right to combine one or more BJCP (numbered) categories to achieve a suitable number of entries for a flight. (Logical combination will be used for example: Porters might be combined with stouts, not with pilsners!). Likewise, if a large number of entries are received in any particular BJCP (numbered) category, the competition organizers reserve the right to judge a (lettered) sub‑category as an independent flight. In all cases every entry will be judged against the appropriate BJCP style guidelines for that entry and not against the other beers in the flight.

 Entry Fees:                                                                                               HOME

Fees are $7 each for all entries. Make Checks payable to Central Arkansas Fermenters

Checks or money orders only please. Thank you.

 Entry Deadline:

Important Note:  Because this competition is sponsored by the State of Arkansas only Arkansas residents can enter beers.

Entries will be accepted beginning September 23nd. 

Last day to receive entries is October 7th. 

Absolutely no late entries accepted NO EXCEPTIONS! We are sorry, but we will not be accepting any day‑of entries for out‑of‑town judges or stewards. All mail in entries please send to:

                                       Arkansas State Fair Competition

                                      C/O Boscos

                                       500 President Clinton Ave. Suite 105

                                      Little Rock, AR 72201


 (Please no calls after 10:00pm CST)

 We recommend using UPS as their delivery time insures entries will arrive when someone will be there to receive them. Entries will immediately be put in cold storage. Remember it is ILLEGAL to ship Alcohol via the United States Postal Service!

 For the Central Arkansas Fermenters Club and other locals who want to drop off their entries, the site is Bosco’s in the River Market area. They will receive entries there from September 22nd through October 6th, as with mail in entries.

 Drop-off entries must be in a sealed box with entry forms and payment inside.  Put your name on the outside of the box.

 Please limit drop off times at Boscos to OFF PEAK hours, avoid lunch and dinner rush times!

 Bosco staff do not have entry forms, can not help fill out forms  and will not take money.  They do not have any idea what category your beer should be entered in, so please don't ask them!


October 10th - 1st round Judging will begin at 9:00AM at Boscos Little Rock Brewery, 500 President Clinton Ave (501-907-1881). 

October 17th - 2nd Round and Best of Show Judging will be a 3pm - 10pm, Arkansas State Fairgrounds. October 11th

Interested judges please contact Ken Haycook at 501-223-0030.

All judges will receive a free lunch THANKS TO BOSCOS and a Central Arkansas Fermenters sample glass.

 Appreciation Party for all judges (Location/Time to be Determined) 

 Mead and Cider

We will have separate best of categories for Meads and Ciders. 

So mead and cider makers get ready and send us your best, we can't wait. 

 For online entry and label forms go to:   Forms

For more informatio contact: Ken Haycook at k.haycook@sbcglobal.net or call 501-223-0030