Herbs For Health and Pleasure 

Wilderland Herbs is a small, very friendly herb growing business set up by myself (Chris) and Mary five years ago, see our first year struggle on Channel 4's Life Begins Again.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our plants which are tended with much love and care. Each year we are able to offer a bigger and better range of plants. The majority of our herbs are sold in 9cm and 1.5litre pots.
This spring we employed the Marvelous Michele to look after the nursery side of the business and she has brought it on imeasurably, which has allowed me to concentrate on the whole look of the farm especially the display/sales area which is now almost as I want it and the tea-shop which I am at last working on.

 All the plants we have are listed in their most common name. There is then information on soil type and weather conditions required, their look and what their uses are be it culinary, medicinal or any other use, plus the botanical name of the plant, to get this information enter the shop, then herbs and double on the plant name.

  Our aim has always been to create a space of peace and contemplation where deliciouse cups of tea and coffee can be enjoyed with home made cakes and soup in calm sweet scented gardens and supply the beautiful herbs for sale.
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