Please look in your child's planner for their homework. An assigned student checks these most days to make sure they are filling them out. Your child should have no more than 1 hour combined of homework in all subjects. If your child is struggling on an assignment  and an hour has passed, please write me a note explaining the situation, and I will help your child understand the assignment better as soon as possible. Below is what we did in class today and in previous days, as well as the grading policy. If you see an assignment worth six points, it is two assignments in one. Thank you for your support!
 Added more complex content to the assignment. 
 3.5Mastered the target learning goal and added a little more. 
 3 Mastered the target learning goal.
 2.5No major errors or omissions, and partial success at target learning goal.  
 2Simpler content mastery. 
 1.5 Major omissions or errors.
 1 Partial success with simpler content.
 .5With help, partial success with simpler content. 
 0No effort or No success with help. 

Homework (Homework is in the spreadsheet below.)