About Us

The Wildcat Ski Team Race Program is a non-profit development program for young alpine racers. Our most important goal is to nurture a lifelong enjoyment of the mountains and the sport of skiing in our young athletes. We strive to provide opportunities for each athlete to develop and mature both on and off the slopes. We wish to enable each athlete to reach their potential as a skier, to grow healthy bodies and to enjoy a positive experience of competitive sport.


In addition to developing skills, it is important to teach young athletes the value of hard work, cooperation and team spirit, self-reliance and self-esteem. We stress cooperation and friendship among team members; respect for other teams, mountains, and the environment; and responsible, friendly behavior towards everyone involved in the sport.  We believe that every athlete is a winner, and therefore, we teach what that means.  Finally, we believe in educating parents of racers about the sport to help them to organize and support their children's efforts, and to run a safe, high quality program for our athletes and for competitors visiting for races at Wildcat.