Learning FusionTables Map Layers

Learning one day at a time...
From absolutely knowing nothing about JavaScript, Google Maps API, and FusionTables I have been able to figure out how to embed single FusionTables within webpages, combine multiple FusionTable maps into one, and manipulate some aspects of the map for controls. What I was stuck on is learning how to turn on and off FusionTable layers using a Radio buttons or checkboxes. The map below illustrated my current skill level. Here is where I learned how to manipulate the FusionTable Layers.

If you have some feedback please post to my Google+ post referencing this issue:

The attachment you can download is a copy of the code I used for the map.

For my example I am using Public data from DC GIS Catalog, specifically the Washington DC Metro lines and Stations.

Initially I used FusionTables Layer Builder which helped me figure out how to layer two layers in the same map. I quickly learned how to layer multiple layers by mirroring the code referencing the tables.

Next step I have to cleanup the code and learn a little styling for background color behind the check boxes.

FusionTables Info if it helps:
DC Metro Stations Table ID:  2193846
DC Metro Lines Table ID: 2193391

Fusion Tables

Adam Simmons,
Dec 2, 2011, 7:29 AM