Reflections on my experiences in the Master's in Teaching Writing program at Humboldt State University, 2007-2010

In fall of 2007, after graduating with a Bachelor's degree in English Literary Studies and a minor in Linguistics, I entered the Master's in Teaching Writing (MATW) program at Humboldt State University.

For the next three years, my amazing colleagues, students and experiences combined to prepare me for a career teaching college composition.


The Seed is Planted

My Statement of Purpose - This is the entrance essay I wrote when applying to the program, February 2007. Writing this involved deep reflection on the long story of my life, experiences and education. The decision to teach writing cast my entire chaotic history into a new and purposeful pattern. As I reread this today, the essay seems surprisingly brief  considering how much psychological and spiritual work it represents.

Air, Light, Water, Nourishment and Care

For a writer, I feel strangely at a loss for words to explain how much development happens in the spaces where my classes and experiences interact. So it feels artificial to reveal them to you as a list, but for the sake of organization, here they are. Please click on the links below to read about each of these formal experiences.




English 681 Internship in Structure of American English (Fall 2007)

English 682 Internship in First-year  Composition (Spring 2008)

Graduate Teaching Associateship

 Fall 2008

Other Valuable Experiences

Consulting in the HSU Writing Lab (Fall 2007)

Teaching Book of the Year (Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler)