The patent pending drying technology is a versatile low grade heat biological (LGHB) drying process with minimum moving parts and well designed airports suitable for drying municipal solid waste (MSW), waste water biosolids, pulp and paper biosolids, and similar types of biomass up to 85 oC.

The city sludge by mechanical means could only be dried up to 25% dryness level. At this level of dryness the sludge has no net calorific value. Although some municipalities are capable of converting portion of organics to compost, but the sizable portion of it should be yet land-filled.

The dryer is an efficient technology and process for reduction of green-house effect. It captures heat from waste heat streams or from biochemical transformation of solid waste for drying MSW up to 85 oC.
  • The dried waste is efficiently used in incinerators, gasifiers, boilers, etc for producing energy
  • The exhaust air condensed into water for re-use
  • The odorous gases captured by a biofiltering system
  • The dryer recycles the heated exhaust after treatment back into the system