What is WikIT42?

WikIT42 is a template based project for structuring Wiki which can be used by IT divisions and software companies. Why would you need WikIT42? After seeing some IT divisions and software companies we see a kind of patterns on how the information about developing software can be structured in good and practical way. There is no doubt that Wiki is a nice and clean way to manage the knowledge of an IT division or a software company. The problem is that how can we build the skeleton or the structure of that Wiki pages? We see two areas which should be defined carefully before you create contents into your Wiki pages:

  • IT Division: this is the main structure of the whole Wiki pages. This area shows the whole part of an IT division or a software company. You'll find the organisation of your division, your architecture management and also software development know how in this page.
  • WikIT Product: this is the first contact to your concrete software products and projects. Mostly you will have a lot of software products which you build on your own in your division. All the products can be structured in this way. In this place you will see what the requirements of your software products and your software development topics are. This includes the architecture documentations of your software products. For this part you can use Arc42 template as a foundation which is already very mature.

As said, these structures show best practices on how you can structure your Wiki information within your IT division and software company. To be able to make WikIT42 better we surely need your help. Please share your experiences working with Wiki within your organisation! We have a community under Google+ where we can discuss about this topic.

Google+: WikIT42 Community and Gitter: