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Sandy Cheeks

From Karate Island
Sandra "Sandy" Cheeks
Birthday: November 17, 1987
Gender: Female
Species: Squirrel
Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Black
Weight: Unknown
Interests: Science, Karate, Surfing, Weight-lifting, extreme sports, and Texas culture
Aliases: Miss Appear, Landy, San-day, Sandra, Miss Cheeks, Miss Alien Pants
Info from Spongepedia

Facts I know myself:
  • She's from Texas
  • Sandy lives in an underwater dome of air, because she can't breathe underwater
  • Sandy is often homesick
  • she has a very strong southwestern dialect
  • Spongebob has a little crush on her! <3
  • Her karate gear is green, while Spongebob's is red
  • She can take off her fur
  • She can flush water out of her suit
  • An Alaskan Bull Worm once bit off her tail
  • She is very strong, and a big daredevil