Welcome to Wikis in Higher Ed

 Eli Collins-Brown, EdD

The purpose of this wiki is to play with the Google sites program, as well as to collect ideas, thoughts, suggestions, resources on ways in which wikis are being used in Higher Education.

I am collecting responses right now on how faculty and administrators are using wikis in teaching and for collaboration.
This will help the wiki sub-committee of the ECRC of POD to make suggestions on how our pilot groups can start to play with wikis.

For the pilot, we are going to ask our groups (3 so far) to pick a wiki program.
We will ask them to pick one or two topics that are of particular interest to that group to start with.
We are not going to try to control this, but allow it to grow organically out of the different groups to see how they decide to create their wikis.

Included in this site: