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This page contains know bugs and limitations for the salome windows version


Save / restore study does not work (fixed)

Save action seems to create a nearly empty file. Restore action restore the study but objects have no content.
This bug is not fixed.
You can use dump study / load script as an alternative.
New 2009-09-10 : Fixed, will be available in next version ... If you
want to test this feature with 5.1.2 you have to copy the file from
in modules\KERNEL_INSTALL\bin\salome.

Failed to narrow the root naming context( maybe Conflict with skype)

Some users have experienced problems for salome to start correctly when skype is installed.
It seems the naming service doesn't start correctly. The message is :
Searching Naming Service ++++++++++Failed to narrow the root naming context
SystemExit: 1
This bug is not fixed.
It appears it occurs for users who have not skype installed. See:


The SALOME_Session_Server.exe fails at exit

Sometimes, the SALOME_Session_Server.exe executable fails at exit.
It is difficult to find a way to reproduce this problem to debug it !
This bug is not fixed.

Impossible to save/export something in "My Documents"

Message : Permission denied.
It works in subfolder.
This bug is not fixed.

Wrong default action for Activate module dialog box

When activating a module when no study exists, a dialog box appears to select an action
to create a new one, to open, to load, to cancel. Cancel is activated by default. It is a bug.
New should be selected.
This bug is not fixed.


GEOM Explode with sub-shape selection does not work (fixed)

The sub-shape does not highlight the selected shape as it's done in linux versions.
This bug is not fixed.
You have to explode all the sub-shapes and retrieve the one you're interested in.
New 2012-12-21 : Fixed in 5.1.5

Create Group is broken

The Create Group dialog box appears but it is impossible to add something in the group ...
This bug is not fixed.
If the groups are created in order to have the corresponding parts in the mesh, you can,
as an alternative, explode the main geom object (in faces for instance) and after create group
directly in SMESH and select the faces you would have taken to create the geometrical group ...

Extrusion along a path is broken (fixed)

This action crashes the session ... Idem for 5.1.2 and 5.1.3
New 2010-02-02 : Fixed, will be available in next version ... I have generated cascade 6.3sp8 after multiple integrations of sp4, sp5, ... and it seems that I missed something. The complete compilation from scratch of cascade 6.3sp8 solves the issue !
If you want to test this feature with 5.1.2 / 5.1.3 you have to download the file from
then move it in products directory, remove the existing cascade-6.3sp8 one and unzip the new one in replacement.

The dialog box for Sketch construction is too high

This dialog box is too high ... You can resize it during use.
On my version, the Coordinate system choice is not usable.
This bug is not fixed.


The dialog box after Compute is too high

After the first Compute in SMESH, the dialog box showing the results of the computation is too high.
It occurs only at first time and is not blocking, just close the dialog by the red cross ...
This bug is not fixed.

Wrong message in python console after dump / load

After a study dump / load, a wrong message '"Mesh" has not been computed.' appears in python console.
This bug is not fixed.




YACS is available but is unstable

We have to fix bugs after bugs. May be we have to create a page
only for yacs !!