Wikiplorer is a wikipedia visualization and search tool. When you type a keyword, you will see wikipedia content and words related to the given keyword in network graph. 
Wikiplower is a handy tool especially when you study some specific area such as history or science. 

How to use

Searching a specific term

  • Type your search term on the text box on top of the right pane. Then type 'enter' or press 'graph' button. It is recommended to type exact word used in Wikipedia. 
  • If only wikipedia content is shown without graph, you have to copy and paste the correct term from wikipedia and try again.    
    • For example, 'obama' will show "Barack Obama', but 'clinton' will not show graph.
  • Above sample is for 'Johannes Kepler'. You will see 'Galileo Galilei' and 'Isaac Newton' near the center. Those people are one of the most related term related to 'Kepler'. 
  • Nodes in the graph is color coded for different types (e.g. people, place, event, works etc.)
  • If you want to see wikipedia article of certain graph node, double click the node. Wikipedia content for the given word will be shown in the left pane. 
  • If you want to see the graph of new article you just double clicked, its name is in the text box, just press 'graph' button.

Browsing wikiplorer

  • Just press 'graph' button without any word in the text box. It will randomly show one of the term in the database.

Other User Interface

  • When the font is too small or large, use mouse center wheel to zoom in and out the graph. 
  • When a node text is difficult to read because it is mixed with other text, click the node and drag it to other position.

Language versions 

English(People Focus, distance 2) 


  • Current implementation includes 160,000 words for English and Korean.  Other languages include 26,000 words.  
  • If nothing shows, it means, your spelling is wrong or the word is not in the selected vocabulary.
  • Graph is made by extracting bidirectional hyperlink in the wikipedia article dumps. Updating wikipedia article does not change the graph immediately. 
  • Type information is extracted from Wikidata. Some words may show different type of color.
  • Wikiplorer is developed for desktop user in mind, mobile is not supported.