This unit will be implemented at Bodine High School for International Affairs.  Bodine is a small (roughly 600 students), special admissions high school in the School District of Philadelphia.  The students come from all over the city (since Bodine is a “magnet” and not a neighborhood school) and come from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.  There is a great disparity in the availability of technology in my students’ homes and communities.  Most, but not all, of my students have some a computer in their home, but many report that their Internet access is unreliable at best. 

According to the district’s grade-level planning materials, my students should be learning how to 1) Select and refine a topic for research.  2) Locate information using appropriate sources and strategies.  3) Organize, Summarize, and present the main ideas from research (School District of Philadelphia, p.11).  These key research skills complement the other reading, writing, and classroom skills that the standardized curriculum also emphasizes.  In many classrooms, research skills are addressed as part of a larger assignment, traditionally a final project or paper as part of a larger curricular unit. 

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