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Introduction to computational Media

Modularity: Functions and Objects


Arrays (and Iteration review)

Strings and Networking

 Microcontrollers and Cameras

PHP Y Processing juntos por fin // traducido por: Nelson Ramon, ponckk@yahoo.com

pushMatrix / popMatrix
  • Planets  (actualizado con enlace corregido)  //  Traducido por Jennifer Dopazo.  jndopazo@gmail.com

The Nature of Code

Can we capture the unpredictable evolutionary and emergent properties of nature in software? Can understanding the mathematical principles behind our physical world world help us to create digital worlds? This class will focus on the programming strategies and techniques behind computer simulations of natural systems. We’ll explore topics ranging from basic mathematics and physics concepts to more advanced simulations of complex systems. Subjects covered will include forces, trigonometry, fractals, cellular automata, self-organization, and genetic algorithms. Examples will be demonstrated using 
Processing with a focus on object oriented programming.

Numbers (Maria Mendez memend@gmail.com)

Vectors and Forces  // Traducido por Jennifer Dopazo.  jndopazo@gmail.com


Collisions (full tutorial coming soon) // Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo - cynthia@cynthialawson.com

Particle Systems



Steering Behaviors

Path Following // traducido por Nelson Ramon, ponckk@yahoo.com

Fractals and Recursion L-Systems and Cellular Automata (Maria Mendez memend@gmail.com)

Genetic Algorithms

Neural Networks

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