LiGRE is a web-based research application that includes many tools, such as the qualitative and quantitative tools and the data merging tool. 

For the moment, the pages of this wiki only detail the features of the qualitative tool

Information on the operation of the other LiGRE tools will be added soon.

The Qualitative Tool

LiGRE's qualitative tool has been specially designed to help researchers, teachers, and students in their qualitative research projects. It can be accessed with most devices, through an internet connection. The tool uses a cloud technology to store project data, thus enabling you to access it from anywhere you want.

As such, the qualitative tool allows users to: 

  • Add and store interviews
  • Automatically transcribe audio and video interviews 
  • Code transcripts 
  • Collect and analyze codification results

LiGRE's Qualitative Tool also enables users to work on a project as a team.

Qualitative Tool Quick Links