Dagstuhl Seminar Information


In March of 2010, a three and a half day workshop was held at Schloss Dagstuhl.  The title of the workshop was: Spatial Representation and Reasoning  in Language: Ontologies and Logics of Space.


The goal of this seminar is to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines to address the spatial semantics of natural language, the interface between spatial semantics and geospatial representations, and the role of ontologies in reasoning about spatial concepts in language and thought.

There are five themes that we would like to address for this seminar:

  • Designing and reasoning with spatial ontologies;
  • Representing and processing spatial information in language;
  • Identifying appropriate spatial logics for linguistic expressiveness;
  • Mapping and normalizing spatial representations for geospatial tasks and domains;
  • Integrating temporal and spatial ontologies and logics for reasoning about motion and change.

To this end, we will draw on researchers from the following areas: spatial and temporal logics, qualitative reasoning, ontologies and knowledge representation, natural language processing, geographic information systems, and computational semantics. As a result of the discussion from this seminar, we expect the following milestones and agreements to emerge:

  • Coordination on ontologies for space and time;
  • Initial consensus on spatial representations derived from language;
  • Strategies for mapping linguistically derived spatial information to GIS baseline representations.

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